Thursday, March 27, 2014

Featured Artist and Blogger

I would like to feature and share the art work
of Marie of  Softearthart and Softearth's World. - fairies for a child's birthday party

I discovered Marie's blog when I participated in the
Grow Your Blog event.  Her creations took my breath away!

Marie lives in New Zealand and makes wool felt art and
other mixed media beauties.
Her blog is a wonderful mix of sharing her Waldorf inspired wool felt art,
and living her life close to Mother Earth.

Waldorf Spring Mother with twins -  Needle felted in hand dyed New Zealand  wool -  Waldorf inspired art
Spring Mother and the babies

She says that she draws her inspiration from nature
and its beauty and this you can see in her work.

Wool Felting  - Mother Earth and the Babies  - Softearth

Mother Earth and the Babies

Marie creates a wonderland of beauty and love -

Mother and Child -  Needle felted wool art piece - Ideal for a New Mother - New Baby

Rose Red  - Beautiful Wool   Wall Hanging  -  Needle felted in  hand dyed New Zealand  wool

magical forests

Waldorf - Snowy owl -  Needle felted in New Zealand wool

fairy kings and maidens

Waldorf Green Wool  Maid -  Needle felted in hand dyed New Zealand  wool -  Waldorf inspired art

a place where I would like to live!

She has just shared a lovely tutorial on how to
make your own wool hearts

So pay her blog a visit at
http://www.softearthart and say hi!

Cloister of the Heart

with love, Hettienne


  1. Yes, Marie's art is beautiful. I especially like the magical forest one.

  2. Thanks for sharing the talents of another wonderful artist with your readers!

  3. How pleased I am to be your featured artist and blogger Hettienne.
    You are kind.

    Love and light Marie


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