Sunday, August 26, 2012

Postcards from Paradise - SoulCollage(R)

is the expanse 

As I stand on my own
in the vastness
which is I

The clutter of the mind
All ties unfurl
the echo of
emotional noise

Freeing me
which is you and I

On this cold Sunday afternoon, with snow still on the peaks of the mountains, the scent of the first jasmine blossoms wafting in through the window, I share my SoulCollage(R) card with you and others
as Postcards from Paradise at Recuerda mi Corazon.  I invite you to play along and visit other Postcards from Paradise.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Hero and the Goddess

We left off talking about the red thread.  In the myth of Ariadne and the labyrinth, she, the goddess, gives Theseus the clue of the red thread to help him find his way out after he had slain the minotaur.  In some versions of the myth, she gifts him with a sword as well.

In the Hero and Goddess, we use myth as metaphor, and all aspects and parts of the myth represent a part of ourselves.

The labyrinth represents our journey through life.  We cannot see the future, nor the outcome of our challenges.  At times we feel completely blindfolded and at the hands of some unseen Fate.

The red thread represents the Inner Voice, the voice of the Goddess, that which connects us to her wisdom.  The Inner Voice is also sometimes called the 'small voice inside', those whispers that so easily get drowned out by our daily routine and commitments.

The goddess can be seen as that part of ourselves that support us, that encourages us to fulfill our dreams and also the Wisdom, (in Gnosticism known as Sophia) that guides us every step of the way.

Listening to the Voice Within and trusting the guidance of the goddess, asks for faith as well as the skill of letting go of the other inner voices.

If Theseus had to enter the labyrinth without a sword and without the red thread, his chances of surviving the minotaur would have been slim.

Your masculine self cannot navigate the labyrinth of life and its challenges without the support
and intuition of the goddess within.
Your intuition, your deepest knowing and your feelings empower your personal

When there is an inner divorce between active and receptive, between listening quietly and
paying attention within and your outgoing, 'doing' self,
then there is no harmony.

The holy grail in the Osiris and Isis myth, for example, (and other similar myths which provide us with a reflective mirror of the psyche and soul) is the relationship between god and goddess as
husband and wife, lover and beloved and mother and son and in a few cases, father and

One can look at the holy family as a reflection of the family within;  the inner lover and
beloved, the inner mother and father and the inner child.  Following alchemical principles,
these relationship are firstly on a personality level;  between the ego-self and the psyche or Soul;  it is also the relationship between the many inner selves.

If you are more mystically inclined, then you can relate these relationships to the Sacred Lover and Beloved, the Divine God Within.