Monday, March 25, 2013

Writing to you from Udaipur, India

Sitting in the most palatial room overlooking trees filled with squirrels and surrounded by bougainvillea hedges, I am writing to you from the Chunda Palace in Udaipur.

Udaipur is the capital of Rajasthan in India and it was ruled by hundreds of years and many many generations of the Mewari royal family.

After Independence in 1947, ages of bloody batters and extravagant lifestyles were ended as the Indian nation, by the tick of a block, voted for democracy.

These palaces have now been turned into museums or in this case, a hotel.

Every inch of the hotel is covered in the most exquisite paintings and carvings, enamel mosaics and and hand crafted furniture.

Our suite is almost like a mini-palace on its own. It boasts a beautiful four poster bed and an entire wall of ornately carved windows. The floors are marble which glistens with specks of gold. The room as an elevated section where one can repose on beautiful thin mattresses and bolsters - which is what I am doing now, writing on the floor. I feel like a beautiful Indian princess with my mendi painted hands!

There are fresh flowers in every corner and beautiful shrines everywhere!!

Yesterday we visited the local Jagdish Mandir and had a wonderful impromptu bhajan experience with drumming and dancing. I will share more of this incredibly warm and beautiful country with you as I travel further north.