Monday, March 25, 2013

Mornings with Mary

I am joining in 
Mornings with Mary
all the way from Udaipur in India!

Here the Blessed Mother are known
By other names and images,
But much loved she is!!

Her blue cloak of protection and love
Covers us all

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mornings with Mary

I will be back tomorrow with more of my adventures in the beautiful India

With blessings
From Chunda Palace Udaipur

Writing to you from Udaipur, India

Sitting in the most palatial room overlooking trees filled with squirrels and surrounded by bougainvillea hedges, I am writing to you from the Chunda Palace in Udaipur.

Udaipur is the capital of Rajasthan in India and it was ruled by hundreds of years and many many generations of the Mewari royal family.

After Independence in 1947, ages of bloody batters and extravagant lifestyles were ended as the Indian nation, by the tick of a block, voted for democracy.

These palaces have now been turned into museums or in this case, a hotel.

Every inch of the hotel is covered in the most exquisite paintings and carvings, enamel mosaics and and hand crafted furniture.

Our suite is almost like a mini-palace on its own. It boasts a beautiful four poster bed and an entire wall of ornately carved windows. The floors are marble which glistens with specks of gold. The room as an elevated section where one can repose on beautiful thin mattresses and bolsters - which is what I am doing now, writing on the floor. I feel like a beautiful Indian princess with my mendi painted hands!

There are fresh flowers in every corner and beautiful shrines everywhere!!

Yesterday we visited the local Jagdish Mandir and had a wonderful impromptu bhajan experience with drumming and dancing. I will share more of this incredibly warm and beautiful country with you as I travel further north.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

In the Mother's mysteries all opposites are joined

Blessing of the Rose Queen by Hettienne
  In the Mother's mysteries all opposites are joined - this is an extract
from Circle of Mysteries by Christin Lore Weber.
I just had to share this incredibly beautiful book with you.
Simply put, it is a book about using the rosary as a meditative tool, beyond
tradition and history and religion.
But it is so much more.
Garden at Sancta Maria
Dr Christin Lore Weber writes poetically.  Her words evoke deep archetypal images
and such profound feelings of devotion, illumination and love.
I was not raised Catholic, nor do I belong to the Catholic faith, so I do not have
the sentiment, nor the memories of using the rosary by rote.
But I have studied the use of the rosary or mala or japa mala or prayer beads
in many traditions and cultures.  I use both a rosary and a mala in my own
prayers and meditations.
And, as you may have gathered from my blogs and writings, and especially
my art, I am devoted to the Blessed Mary.
Blessing of the Rose Queen by Hettienne
She chose me - I did not choose her.
Blessing of the Rose Queen shrine by Hettienne - in progress
I answered a Call in my heart, many many moons ago, without
really understanding any of it and this Call has taken me down
many paths, of many traditions and I have had to learn
much discernment and let go of many attachments - as I am
sure that most people have to do when we apply our talk to our walk.
Garden at Sancta Maria
In any case, back to the book.  I own the first edition of Circle of Mysteries and
have just ordered the later edition which includes the Mysteries of the Light dedicated
to the Beloved.
Shrine at Sancta Maria
I got the following background on Christin Lore Weber off the Amazon page :
Christin Lore Weber, D. Min., grew up in Minnesota, leaving home after high school to enter a convent. A nun for fourteen years, she taught English and religion in high school and junior college. After leaving the convent, she continued her education, receiving a Master of Arts degree in theology and a doctor of ministry degree. Dr. Weber has been a spiritual counselor, educator, lecturer, chaplain, and the author of several books that integrate spirituality with psychology in everyday life. She continues to write and lives with her husband, author John R.Sack, in the mountains of Southern Oregon.  She also writes two blogs.
Small altar by Hettienne
She does discuss the traditional rosary and explain the five mysteries. She puts it
into this beautiful context :
Hers are the five mysteries of creation.
Five is a number designating the presence of women's mysteries.
Five petals of the wild rose.
Five points in the star at the core of the apple
representing women's fruitful sexuality.
  But then she takes it a few steps further.  She starts off with tracing the origin and the tradition of the rosary which transcends all religion and culture. She literally and figuratively creates a rosary as she writes.
She weaves together the Divine Feminine, the Feminine Face of God in many religions and traditions; she connects the manifestation of Mary with the Goddess religion and she succeeds in create a holy rosary, bringing healing to a woman's heart,crossing all gender and religious boundaries.
 Each bead is given a title and a prayer.  The first bead is
In my hand I hold the cross
I look deep into my soul
I search for what I believe
and powerfully she leads on through all the mysteries, bringing you back to the truth that Mary lives within you and that it is her voice that you wish to listen to.
Using the Rosary, the holy circle of healing and wholeness, is the perfect sacred tool to do so.
Visions of the divine feminine rise in us and are seen however we can see her,
however our culture and belief systems permit. Perhaps her mysteries
are what is divine in creation, that which we experience in our depth. Perhaps the
divine feminine, beyond her many names and faces, is that aspect of the one God
which is the center, the womb, the rose.