Monday, September 30, 2013

Mondays with Mary Love perseveres

I  am writing to you from the Kruger National Park.  One of the biggest natural conservation areas in Africa with an abundance of wild life, including the Big Five and amazing bird life!

I am blogging from my phone with very little internet coverage, so it is quite an undertaking!!

It is spring here in the Lowveld of South Africa and we had some summer rains, but the weather is clearing up with lovely sunny skies.

The one message I noticed everywhere in nature  today is that growth cannot be thwarted when it is filled with the sap of joy and sheer abundance and surrender to life : no getting stuck in worrying over the little details!!

Follow your heart and do not lose your passion when you hit a big rock - look at these trees - they all grow at a picnic spot we stopped at today for a hot cup of camping coffee!!

Sometimes we are faced with disapproval of others or ignorance of our heart's desire and how we view the world and this may make us feel tempted to give up on chasing the rainbow - but Mary's message is no rock is too hard for the Love tree!

i added a wildlife picture or two for you!

p.s. I could not figure out how to get the pictures in the right sequence

I am sharing with Rebecca at Mornings with Mary

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I feel it now .....

I feel it now :
there's a power in me 
to grasp and give shape to the world.

I know nothing has ever been real
without my beholding it.

All becoming has needed me

My looking ripens things

and they come toward me, to meet me and be met

Rainer Maria Rilke - words to live by!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday mornings with Mary - Seat of Wisdom

Seat of Wisdom *

For wisdom is 

better than jewels,

and all that you may desire cannot compare with her.
                                          - The Book of Wisdom

Wearable shrines in the making

*from the Litany of Loreto

My Monday morning with Mary
- this week Rebecca has taken to the open road,
so I am holding vigil for our weekly space
with my sharing which I have come to love!!!

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Have a wonderful week with Mary

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday mornings with Mary - a world in my house

memories that I carry with me forever ...

the smell of wet rock,
the sound of the rushing waters,
the drops falling from above
the gentleness of the colour that is Lourdes

and then,

the busyness of Paris,
climbing the many steps up the Sacre Couer de Montmartre
the soothing coolness inside
and then as I turn the corner, my heart feels as though
someone opened a stable door,
in front of me the spectacular
gold statue of Mary in
an aura that defies explanation, religion or faith

On the left is the Madonne from the Basilica at Montmartre and on the right
is the Vierge de Paris or Notre Dame de Paris

Remembering the massive Notre Dame Cathedral
with its thronging masses, people walking as though they
are in a shopping mall and my desperation
to have some time alone in a quiet space
to hear her whispers that called me to visit once again

another trip another time
travelling to the top of the hill which is Marseilles
miles away you can see the magnificent statue
of Notre Dame de Marseilles on the spire
of La Basilique Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde

a house of memories
keeping me company
where I work and play
and remember

Another Monday morning with Mary
with Rebecca and friends

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday mornings with Mary - Sacred Heart of the World

Sacred Heart of Mary
Sacred Heart of the World

Images of the Divine carry enormous energy and Presence.  
There are various ways of explaining it, but the ancients believed that the 
Spirit of that aspect of the Divine lives in Its image and form. 
I have the blessing of being able to see light around
people and living beings, and halos in sacred places
and I know first hand that these images 
are not just 'things',
but that they carry the light of the sacred 
and the Presence for each one of us
who are willing to believe.

When I visited the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Nazareth
in a small rural village of Rians,
there was a chapel of the Sacred Heart inside the church.
To me the Presence of the Sacred Heart was both visible and 
palpable - it was like the abundance of a fruit tree laden with fruit or the 
expanse of a lavender field.  The love of the Sacred Heart is infinite and expansive, like an ocean and we bathed in the soft lavender light of that church.  
As we left, we walked almost straight into a cherry tree, covered with ripe luscious fruit!! 

And this to me was such an amazing manifestation
and confirmation of the Divine Abundance and Compassion.
Never in either/or, but always in both and everything.  Nothing is excluded : not man-made images and statues, traditions or religions :  it all comes together in the Sacred Heart of the World.

And I am so pleased with my new pendants that I have
been creating - here is one hanging on this
beautiful statue - its own shrine!

So happy to be sharing in Mondays with Mary
with Rebecca and friends.
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of encouragement and appreciation.
It makes such a difference to one's Monday morning!

blessings to you

Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday mornings with Mary - offering of beauty

Flowers on the altar,

an offering of gratitude and joy,
in our modern day Temple of Mary,
sanctuary for seekers of the  Holy Grail
on the Path of Divine Love

I have missed a few Monday mornings with Mary
as I was preparing for the regular retreat weekend
of The Temple of Mary of which I am the Founder
and Guardian.  These photographs were taken of the main
altar to the Blessed Mother and Son.

And here are some photographs of the beautiful
surroundings in which the Temple community gathers and meet
at Tulbagh, a rural village in the Western Cape.

As you can see it is cold here.

Have a blessed week