Monday, September 30, 2013

Mondays with Mary Love perseveres

I  am writing to you from the Kruger National Park.  One of the biggest natural conservation areas in Africa with an abundance of wild life, including the Big Five and amazing bird life!

I am blogging from my phone with very little internet coverage, so it is quite an undertaking!!

It is spring here in the Lowveld of South Africa and we had some summer rains, but the weather is clearing up with lovely sunny skies.

The one message I noticed everywhere in nature  today is that growth cannot be thwarted when it is filled with the sap of joy and sheer abundance and surrender to life : no getting stuck in worrying over the little details!!

Follow your heart and do not lose your passion when you hit a big rock - look at these trees - they all grow at a picnic spot we stopped at today for a hot cup of camping coffee!!

Sometimes we are faced with disapproval of others or ignorance of our heart's desire and how we view the world and this may make us feel tempted to give up on chasing the rainbow - but Mary's message is no rock is too hard for the Love tree!

i added a wildlife picture or two for you!

p.s. I could not figure out how to get the pictures in the right sequence

I am sharing with Rebecca at Mornings with Mary


  1. Beautiful post, I reminder I needed today,thank you.
    Lovely photos, such magestic beauty.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. Your post, and the words to live by in the previous post, have made my day. I must have needed this reminder, for I felt myself falling but now I can grab my passion once again and carry on. Thanks, girl!!

  3. Hettienne, I just love your blog so much. The colors just grab me. What wonderful photos of all things beautiful. Thank you. Loved your post. Thanks.


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