Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday mornings with Mary - offering of beauty

Flowers on the altar,

an offering of gratitude and joy,
in our modern day Temple of Mary,
sanctuary for seekers of the  Holy Grail
on the Path of Divine Love

I have missed a few Monday mornings with Mary
as I was preparing for the regular retreat weekend
of The Temple of Mary of which I am the Founder
and Guardian.  These photographs were taken of the main
altar to the Blessed Mother and Son.

And here are some photographs of the beautiful
surroundings in which the Temple community gathers and meet
at Tulbagh, a rural village in the Western Cape.

As you can see it is cold here.

Have a blessed week



  1. thank you for slipping me into your beloved heart and taking me with you.
    you have been missed, for a most blessed gathering.

  2. such heavenly surroundings for the blessed retreat!

  3. What a glorious altar! The backdrop picture of Mary
    and baby Jesus is a beautiful one. Naturally I had to click
    on the pictures to inspect everything...just beautiful.
    ♥ ♥

  4. Extraordinarily beautiful. How many people attended your retreat? I can magine that the left feeling uplifted xx

  5. Hettienne, I've been trying to post but I keep getting kicked off. I'll try again. Would love to hear more about your retreat. It is so lovely there. I'm Redondowriter in case this comes across as anonymous.


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