Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday mornings with Mary - Reflection

When the world reflects Love at us

it is easier and natural for us to know ourselves as love
and as being loving hearts

but mostly we have to remind ourselves and others
an act of revealing the self and the most intimate heart

Thank you to you for reminding me that our hearts are capable of infinite love.

A love-ly Monday with Mary to you

(pictures taken in my studio)

for more sharings from the heart every Monday



  1. A beautiful reminder.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. Oh Hettienne, my Marian-sister,
    thankyou for sharing a glimpse of your studio...those bottles are gorgeous! And the decoupaged drawers! Such a serene place to create in. ♥♥

  3. dear hettienne,
    you have swept me away in an abundance of mary love! how did you so perfectly adhere mary to those charming bottles? thank you too for filling my heart with your reassuring words.
    i will visit this post again and again for it fills me so!

  4. Gosh, the roses at the base of the bottled very beautiful. Takes my breath away.

  5. I always leave here in awe of the amazing pictures, creations, and words you share. Every time!

  6. You have some of the most beautiful black and white images of Mary that I've ever seen!

  7. so lovely and calming... striking images of Mary and breathtaking beautiful roses!

  8. Hettienne, hello. These bottled images sweet Mary are breathtaking. Love them all and how they look in your creative studio. Awesome.:) thank you.

  9. Love = verb. Thanks for the reminder...and for the glimpse of your precious studio!

    Blue Lady of the Monsoons

  10. Dear Hettienne, I have been reading bottle spirits. Is this what you have created here? What do you do with them? Are they finished? So intriguing. I just returned from buying silk roses for my latest altar. Are you putting the roses in the bottles, perhaps? Thank you for sharing your studio today.

  11. Such a beautiful glimpse into your studio and into your Mary life. I am anxious for you to reply to Laurie's questions because I'd like to know about that, too. We had our monthly SoulCollage group today and I made a few new Marys myself. You'll see them over time. Thanks so much--and please answer Laurie's questions.

  12. Laurie, you have now set me off as well - what are bottle spirits? Sounds like a genie in a bottle. And putting the roses into the bottles sound like a fascinating idea. You have now given me many ideas. These are empty water bottles with the image of Mary transferred onto. At the time I did not really pay attention to the fact that they have such narrow tops and have been stuck for what to put inside them - did consider coloured water.


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