Tuesday, March 11, 2014

St Joseph

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I have been working on a few St Joseph shrines
the past few weeks.
I took an old holy card and created a lacy paper border
As you can see the frame has been distressed
and crackled to add to the vintage feel,

but also to act as a foil to the beautiful
lavender, blue and pink hues of this
beautiful St Joseph and Child statue!

On the back of the shrine I added an old
image of a holy card which I scanned and distressed
I covered the back of the shrine with pages
from a very old Bible

I used pearls everywhere to add to the
sensual feeling of the colours and lilies

Although these paper lillies are not
St Joseph's they are the exact same colour
as the lilies held in St Joseph's hand

I added a tiny rosary with a connector
with St Joseph lilies on the back!

I used vintage measuring tape and yard sticks
every where to bring in the carpenter aspect.

I sell very few of these shrines as I am working
on a Mystical Mary Tarot Deck.
It may seem like a strange combination, but
when I see the Saints and Holy Ones, I
also see the Great Stories of Humanity and the
archetypes as set out by Jung, Campbell
and others.

And here is one of my absolute favourites :

St Joseph the Good Father
Here you can see how I emphasizes the carpenter
and worker ethic of St Joseph.

I used many vintage wood pieces
and the shrine is standing on wooden feet.
I also used many miniature tools of the trade.

as well as a child's ABC blocks to
show how in touch this Holy Father
is with his Child and his level of devotion

PritiLisa sent me one of her old vintage
books a while ago.  This was a text book
for masonry workers.  I used the creed
of the masons as the background page in this
shrine.  The rest of the papers are from
old Bibles.

I like to layer in my shrines as I feel that
it all adds to the energy and feel of the
shrine and so increases its emotional
and spiritual value in our understanding.

I had collected these miniature tools and
tool case over the years and had been saving it
for the perfect piece of art - and here it is!

I hope these shrines inspire you almost as much
as they inspire me.  To me they just speak of
such incredible Divine Love for us and our
personal stories as they are echoed in these
Holy Stories.

love to you


  1. This is lovely and meaningful Hettienne, as are all of your artful, spiritual shrines. I went back and re-read your previous post; read more thoroughly about "Grace". It is a lesson I appreciate.

  2. I am loving your posts, Hettiene. I am thrilled each time one pops into my inbox.

    I like to make a cup a tea and savour you work as I sit and sip. Thank you for sharing your work with us this way - and your wisdom.

    Go easy ~ p

  3. So beautiful, hettienne. St. Joseph has been the saont dearest to my heart since i was about 7 years old. I'm 66 now so it's been a long time of loving him.

  4. WOW! They are indeed inspirational and humbling at the same time.


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