Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mondays with Mary and French Paper Doll GiveAway

Mondays with Mary

The Third Teaching
from Wisdom from Mother Mary by Gina Lake

Declare Your Deepest Desire

What do you really want?  This question is an
important one because the answer determines where your
energy, attention and resources go.  The answer
is therefore also likely to determine what
you will get.  Sometimes you are not even aware
of what you want, and other times that is all you
are aware of, and you suffer over it.

Following your desires provides you with
opportunities to taste what life has to offer,
and that is how it is meant to be.
So even your more superficial desires are not
a mistake;  they just are not what they pretend to be.
They are not actually important,
and they do not bring you the peace and happiness
you really want.

This is my third teaching.
Declare that you want peace and love.
Feel the depth and power of this desire
and let it fuel your will to give peace and love your attention.

Everyone's evolution eventually comes to this :
You realize that your deepest desire is for peace and love
and you declare this in your heart. 
Then life conspires to bring you exactly that.
You are love and peace.

These are some of the shrines I photographed during my trip
to Kildare, Ireland.  I was amazed to see a Mary statue 
in the middle of a traffic circle!

This week I am gifting one of these Parisian articulated paper dolls.
They are actually tags - you can clip them to a gift
or you can hang them in your studio or
on a mirror.

Be your own kind of Beautiful


Write your Story.

They both come with miniature wooden pegs and
a froth of hand dyed lace.

with love


  1. Good morning Hettienne. We had the pleasure of visiting a beautiful Marian shrine last week. There is much peace found there and radiant love.

  2. thank you for sharing
    another thoughtful, beautiful post!
    i was inspired by you again this week...
    to have a little gift-away of my own.
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Hello Hettienne. Hope this day finds you bright eyed and bushy tailed.:) Beautiful post. I'm at peace. Have a wonderful and fulfilling day. Take care.


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