Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Featured Artist and Blogger : Priti Lisa


Every day I find such brilliance, beauty and
creativity in blogland and I always wish
that I could share it with someone
right now!
I often forward the links to friends and family,
but at times I think they feel so overwhelmed
by my enthusiastic sharings that they do not
always open those links!

Somewhere on someone's blog
I found the idea to do a featured artist
and blogger feature right here -
and I created the prettiest badge
for you to display

the original image is from Vintage Made for You blogspot

My first artist and blogger that I am sharing with you
is PritiLisa of Pritistudio (www.pritistudio.com)

I have acquired quite a few of her pieces over the past few years

Lisa made this exquisite journal for me

Reserved Listing-Handmade Book- Art Journal

and I bought this tiny altered prayer book

RESERVED-------Altered Vintage Pocket/Prayer/Journal?Book

and this is my absolute favourite

Saint Icon...Holy Mary---RESERVED---

and this one

Lady of Guadalupe Shrine

Lisa blogs from the heart.
She shares her vulnerabilities and her strengths.
Just by reading her blog, you get to know her
and she becomes a part of your world.

Her art ranges from hand made tiles
and mixed media prayer boxes and shrines

Holy Mary Rosary Shrine-Prayer Altar
Holy Mary Rosary Shrine and Prayer Altar www.etsy.com/shop/pritistudio

to very unique art journals


beautiful original acrylic paintings

Mary is one of her favourite subject matters

as is Frida

Frida Patron Saint of Artists

If you do not know PritiLisa, then please go
to www.pritistudio.com and
see for yourself.

and she has a beautiful shop on Etsy.com
at www.etsy.com/shop/pritistudio

Keep on writing and creating Lisa
and we will keep on visiting!!

love and blessings

p.s.  remember to grab the pretty badge for your blog!


  1. You could not have chosen a better inaugural featured artist. Priti-Lisa is so filled with inspiration and beauty. It radiates from the inside and outward through her hands.

  2. What an honor Hettienne, I am speechless!!!
    I HAD to share it to facebook and claim my 15 minutes of fame...
    Oh my goodness, you made me sound so special
    and loved...thank YOU ever-so-much...♥ ♥ ♥

  3. I agree. Lisa is one of the best. I too have a few of her handmade beauties, as well as a wonderful stepping stool she made. She is awesome and shines with that smile of hers. Congrats Lisa.:) ::hugs::

  4. Lisa and I have connected recently and it's been a GREAT joy getting to know her. Her art is deep and soulful and full of grace. We are in a journal round robin thus I will have some of her art in my journal - now that's joy! You chose wisely!

  5. Lisa does create exquisite and heart-felt art. I have one of her Marys that graces my kitchen.

  6. I'm glad you featured Ms. Priti. She is an awesome artist, and her faith and her heart shows in all of her work. Kudos to both of you.


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