Saturday, March 1, 2014

The love of the White Queen

These are such beautiful images that I found
on Paper Whimsy.
I have used these queens for various
shadow boxes and other pieces.

Now they are shining in these hand soldered
pendants and I just love them!

For the White Queen I used a number
of old pieces that I collected through the

Such an unusual collection of crystals
and matte glass
They almost have a retro feel to them

And I love this crystal studded piece that
the pendant hangs from
I took another old piece apart
and could repeat these rounds
in a few places

The colour in the enamelled flowers match the pink
in her cheeks and in the dangle that hangs below.

She reminds me of the White Queen.



  1. Thank you for telling us about Paper Whimsy. Your pieces are just beautiful. I enjoy browsing them!

  2. The white Queen...another favorite "person" of mine from this shine!


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