Sunday, March 23, 2014

Winner of French Paper Doll!

............ so I put in numbers 1 to 4 in

and the lucky number is 2


Lisa, please send me your postal address and one
of these beautiful French paper doll tags will be shipped to you!!

I am still working on making more French paper doll tags.
They take much longer than what you would think!
so much detail!

Can you see the typewriter under her arm?
and all the lovely squishy ribbon and lace and the
cutest miniature pegs?
and the arms and legs can move!!

Look at all these tiny details!
real vintage buttons!
a tiny tiny embroidery scissors!
a tiny tiny reel of embroidery cotton in her hand

and she comes with a vintage clothing peg!

Such fun in child's play!

Tomorrow is Mondays with Mary, so please
visit and see what I am giving away - maybe you will be
tempted to play along!

with love


  1. so sorry I missed this post Hettienne.
    your paper dolls and all of their tiny details
    are just incredible...really.
    you must have the daintiest of fingers.

  2. Sweet Lisa! Hope you love her and that she will bring a smile to your face!!


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