Monday, April 14, 2014

Mornings with Mary

These pictures were taken early this morning
in my one Mary garden shrine.
It has been extremely hot here and the scent
of these angels' trumpets or moonflowers
are wonderfully pungent.

The Seventh Teaching from Ten Teachings, Wisdom from Mother Mary
by Gina Lake

Follow your Joy

You were given a compass,
and that compass is joy.
You are meant to in the direction
that brings joy, not in the direction 
that brings suffering. The egoic mind
promises you joy, but delivers only temporary
satisfaction and happiness.
Then the suffering that comes with feeling
you are never enough returns.

Most people do not follow their joy.
Instead, they follow the sense of not having
or not being good enough.  They allow the
sense of lack to drive them forward, seeking
here and there for fulfillment,
for what will fill the sense of lack created by
the human condition.
However, nothing that the mind suggests can fill that lack,
because the sense of lack was created by the same thing that
proposes to fix it.

The sense of lack can only be solved by
dropping out of the mind.  When you drop out of the
mind, you lose the sense that anything is lacking.
There never was anything lacking, and that is 
all you have ever had to see to feel full and

The sense of lack is so ingrained that most
people are unaware that it is there.
They just react to it as if it were true.
For most, this sense of lack, is a deeply held
belief.  It seems absolutely an
unquestionably true.

The sense of yourself and the sense of lack are both
manufactured by the mind.  They create the human condition
that is one of suffering.  You not only believe you are who you
think you are, but these thoughts about yourself tell you
that you are lacking and that your life - indeed, life
itself - is not good enough.

This unrelenting sense of lack interferes with the joy,
that is possible whenever you are willing to simply
be with whatever is showing up in your life.

The assumptions causes you to overlook the
happiness that is present at your core and ever
available in this simple and sweet present moment.
The happiness at your core is very subtle
unless you turn your attention to it and
allow yourself to experience it for more than 
a brief second.

When your attention is focused on fixing a perceived
problem, it is not available to notice the quiet
beauty, peace and joy that is already
present with you.

A wonderful Morning with Mary to you!
I changed the name to Mornings with Mary - with the
time difference and everyone's full schedules, anyone
can join in on any day.  The post stays up for the week -
just scroll down past my new posts.

Gloria was the only one who linked up last week - Gloria, I will
send you a full set of Mother Mary blessings seeds
and some of my brand new Archangel Michael Seeds!!

A blessed, joyful and art-filled week to you!


  1. Hetienne thank you so much for the blessing seeds they smell divine and are beautiful

  2. God morning, Hettienne. It is true, we all feel a lack within ourselves. The blessing I have received that is one of the most evident to me, since going on mission, is that prayer, deep, regular, and consistent prayer, banishes that feeling of being lacking, of being less than I am. With prayer, with Mary as my guide, I can be all the Christ wishes for me.

    God bless you on your warm day.


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