Sunday, February 5, 2012

Soul Songs

Brigit, sacred woman, goddess and saint
of the fiery strength of inspiration,
you who take us through the door of initiation;
into the threefold cycle of life;
may your green mantle
protect and nurture the sprouting seeds
as new life awakens in the soul.

In honour of Candlemas and St Brigit's Day and the
Holy Day of Brigit the Celtic Goddess
I share this card from my community deck of my Soul Collage cards.

I invite you to join in with a collage of your own journey coupled with a few words, a story,
a poem or a rhyme.  Whatever makes your heart smile.
I posted here how to go about making a collage card.

Here is Miss Robyn's beautiful card that she entered last week - go here to read more about her story.

And Fran aka Redonwriter played along with this beautiful card - go here to read her story


I also invite you to join in Art Novena for Our Lady of Lourdes

and Rebecca's Postcards from Paradise



  1. Thank you for the opportunity of sharing collage and 'Soul Songs' I hope this is okay?

    Sue x

  2. Dear Sue, that is wonderful!! I will be visiting you!

  3. Dear Hettienne,

    I slipped in very late today. In fact, it is almost tomorrow. But here she is, another visitation to Our Lady.

  4. I have combined the Novena and Soul Songs today!


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