Friday, February 3, 2012

First Day of Art Novena for Mary of Lourdes

I shall try the only thing a devotee can do :  
I shall always keep thy divine image
and thy holy divinity 
locked in my heart and
conjure them in my imagination

- the words of Lucius, the hero of The Golden Ass

The image is an inner shrine, 
an interior refuge.

It is beyond words

but the poet and sage knows how to
invoke the imagination and  the
Sacred One up into the psyche
in an enduring 

and nurturing way.

Images, as opposed to rational explanations, 
are feminine.
The masculine are the logos, the word,
clarity and logic;
The feminine is the imaginistic.
the imagination, the imaging of the heart.
When we only have the masculine God,
then we are not whole beings.

An image includes not only a picture but the way 
we experience it, the way we feel it.
Every image we perceive,
every feeling it evokes,
is a living prayer.

Today is the first day in this novena of nine days 
dedicated to the Lady of Lourdes
sacred circle
and whatever else you want to bring.

Please join me as we explore images of Divine Mary
in all Her aspects, and the feelings
that they evoke.
Culminating in the Holy Day of Lady of Lourdes.

Please take the image below and put it in your sidebar, add your name to 
Mr Linky below and invite us to visit your novena.



  1. the shrine is just beautiful. there is something very sacred about candle-light.. my simple post is up x

  2. Dear Robyn, thank you for being the first to participate. Please link back here so that others can also join in! blessings

  3. Beautiful!... I just love, "Every image we perceive, every feeling it evokes, is a living prayer" is such a beautiful image to me today, thank you!
    It is always such a breath of fresh air visiting your blog.
    Have a great day,
    Always, Queenie

  4. Hi hettiene, I did link back to the post - at the very beginning of my own. I do hope others will join in this beautiful Novena xo


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