Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SoulSongs - Change, the Eternal Spring

Change, the Eternal Spring

For this week's amazing challenge by PritiLisa at Inspiration Avenue, I created a Soul Collage card. Lisa asked for an allegory

I have named this card, Change, the Eternal Spring. It speaks to me of the eternal river of life that feeds the Soul and the Self. Life has a tendency to turn us into stone, like the Gorgon sister Medusa. Our hair (our ego and thought processes) becomes an entangled mess and we become fearful of change. Change is indeed a death of the known and a re-birth into the unknown. Therefore, like Persephone, we have to either enter the Underworld willingly by ingesting the seeds of the pomegranate, or we will be taken by force by Hades. Once we have surrendered to the darkness of the Underworld and died to the old, can we be born to the new : to a new way of thinking, acting and feeling. Once we have faced our deepest fears in the Underworld, can we be re-born as the Spring Queen with a new wisdom. Once we have surrendered to the cycles of our psyche and soul, can we celebrate the rebirth of compassionate love for ourselves and our own life journey.

The challenge was based on Botticelli's work PrimaVera or Spring.  I describe my process of arriving at this card and also its components and their mythical meanings, on my art blog Her Grace by Devata.  Click on the link below if you would like to read more

If you enjoy SoulCollage, or would like to learn more, please join me every week at in a SoulCollage meme. For more information you can click on this link



  1. Very beautiful and moving, Hettianne. The story of Pesephone is my favorite of all the myths, In fact, my contirbution to IA this week is a prtrait of Persephone (aka Porserpina). Hope your springis lovely!

  2. Just found your comment on a page on my blog and loved your invitation to join you ~ Will do so shortly ~ what day do you do this event? Sunday? ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

  3. i am so moved with your soulful offerings. spring is such a mystical time when nature leads us through beauty and renewal to experience rebirth once again. i am thinking of you and your loving heart enjoying the resurgence of spring and rejoicing in this sacred time.
    thank you for being here.

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