Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day Two of Art Novena for Our Lady of Lourdes

Mary is this eastern gate.  For a gate which looks to the east is the first to receive the rays of the Sun.  So the most the Blessed Virgin Mary who always looked toward the east, that is, to the brightness of God, received the first rays of the sun or rather its whole blaze of light. - St Aelred of Riveaux, Twelfth Century

My journey can be summarised as before Lourdes and
after Lourdes
a dive into the deepest ocean of emotional turmoil,
questioning and looking
moving from the cloak of protecting

the vulnerable,
the raw feelingness,
the openness
the deepest Truest Self
hiding itself behind its many faces
pursuit of purpose,
logical thinking

swimming to the surface

into the brilliance of the Sun
heralding authenticity
the divine strength of
personal vulnerability

the deepest knowing
that She is the morning star
that shines brightly before the sun rises*

transcendent of all religion,
all creed,
all ego-made constructions
She is the bridge
where East and West meet

to those that say
that Mary is a watered-down version
of the Divine Feminine,
I say,
Love such as Hers,
cloaked in compassion
 is True Power
centred in the Heart of the World

Don't hide your heart, but reveal it, so that mine might be revealed, so that I may accept what I am capable of - Rumi

I took these photographs early this morning, in my garden of Our Lady, created after my visit to Lourdes.

I invite you to join in to the Art Novena for Our Lady of Lourdes
Nine days of 
sacred circle

Please link up below and link back to here so that others may join.  I will visit you as you visit one another.

*words of St Bridget of Sweden

* agape - Latin for the unconditional love of the divine
* prema - Sanskrit for the unconditional love of the divine



  1. mine is up!

    Hettiene - I love this Garden of Mary! I have a few statues of Mother in my garden and am still to create a garden around her.. we moved just a few months ago..I love how you clothe her with cape or a crown of flowers.. tell about this!! I love the idea of taking time to do things like this.. little candles, jars of flowers.. love it! thankyou xo

  2. She beautiful, Hettienne. For me, the divine feminine doesn't even begin to describe the importance and value of Mary to our world. She is eternally ours and never far from us.

  3. The sequence of unveiling and crowning and crowning is an inspired blend of words and images, beautiful. I've never been to Lourdes but I have had a visit to a local Marian shrine, Our Lady of hte Sierras, just outside of Sierra Vista, AZ.
    I keep a picture from my visit in my studio as the image is awe inspiring and encouraging. Our Lady touches us and places in very special and lasting ways.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  4. So very beautiful !!!! Thank you very much for sharing.

  5. Dear Queenie I will have a look at that shrine. I visited the Queen of Heaven shrine in Florida and it was awesome!

  6. Annie, your words are so true - how to describe using words and labels? impossible. Thank you for joining in.


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