Sunday, February 5, 2012

Postcards from Paradise

sometimes a man stands up during supper
and walks outdoors, and keeps on walking,
because of a church that stands somewhere in the East.

And his children say blessings on him as if he were dead.

And another man, who remains inside his own house,
stays there, inside the dishes and in the glasses,
so that his children have to go far out into the world
toward that same church, which he forgot.
                                                               -  Rainer Maria Rilke

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  1. oh how i love the words of rilke.
    your offering today, beautiful.

    i am thrilled that you have signed up for flora. i could not recommend her more. my experience so profound, so vitally important in the pursuit of bold creative expression.

  2. This is really lovely, Hettienne.

  3. Great poem and your photograph goes with the story so well.
    Blessings to you

  4. Beautiful photo...the spray of water cleansing the floating birds....perhaps swans. Such peace. So appropriate for Rilke's words.
    smiles: sharon


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