Sunday, January 29, 2012

Soul Songs

Today is the second Soul Songs here and I hope to see many more joining in.  Thank you to Fran aka Redonwriter for joining in last week and for sharing her incredibly beautiful collage card :  the Dancer Within.


Please visit Fran at and read all about her card.

This art form of collaging your being, is not limited to qualified SoulCollagers.  It is a simple and creative way of creating beautiful art which gives you answers to your deepest questions and thoughts;  when you allow the card and its images to 'speak' to you, you become your own therapist.  I also see these cards as a mirror of my deepest self - a self that is most often not seen by others and often not by myself.  Making a collage and seeing what it reflects back at you, you walk a little bit deeper into your own unconscious - into those hidden places where you seldom go, and all of a sudden you understand yourself or maybe a habit of yours, so much better.

Try your hand at it.

 Here  I blogged it in more detail and I also gave some examples of cards that I made for myself.  But it is very simple :  you gather images from magazines or books or digital images;  then you play around with them and create a collage;  the collage must please you in some way - a mindless process, completely relying on your feelings!

When the picture hits the spot of  'aaah that is what I want/like/need/love', then you write a short poem/verse/lyric  that speaks your heart and share it here with us.  Together we can form a circle of singing the song of our own souls - a circle of being seen and being heard - Soul Songs.

Here is mine for this week :

Gypsy Woman.

Powerful voice of rebellion
fiery gypsy woman
creatrix of a new harmony
breaking down the ancient wall of Jericho.

So please join in, leave a message and your link below.


  1. I will join in! will create a card today - not sure about the poetry but will tell a story.. once i am done, I will come back here and link.

  2. just posted my soul songs !! not really a poet though!!!

  3. I put in my Thomas Merton card you inspired me to make. Thanks, Hettienne. I love your cards and Miss Robyn's, too.


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