Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday mornings with Mary - Spanish Madonna

Love personified
of roses
your heart

'what do you need?'
is the ancient question 
repeated by the FisherKing
in his wasteland.
Love is the answer,
love is always the answer.

love will heal the wasteland,
then and now.

I made this rosary - it is the first in my series of
wearable shrines.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What a lovely surprise!!

I just loooove getting parcels, don't you?
Mr Postman knows me very well by now
and he has taken to hand deliver my parcels.
I suppose the occasional homemade Christmas cake
or bottle of homemade jam does help,
but he took up this kind habit long before I started
to reward him.

Yesterday the doorbell rang and it was Postie
with a huge parcel for me.

All the way from Muncie, Indiana (I think that is what IN stands for)
in the US of A!

It was filled with oodles of bubble wrap and squiggly foam pieces
and the cutest little card, but still I could not see what
was in the box.

And then, as I took it out, 
my heart jumped into my throat 
and my jaw dropped!

Such a beautiful gesture and gift,
straight to me heart.
And here it is 
on my blue altar
Now how did she know??

Thank you dear Nonnie
Today you stole my heart

And soon you will see a copy of this beautiful sacred heart
and your message on it, in one of my Sacred Rosary Oracle Shrines
(soon to be cards)

love and blessings

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mondays with Mary - Queen of Heaven

My work is loving the world - Mary Oliver

I too have prized it
in all its intimacies.
Its summer bloomings,
its nudities of winter.

Sometimes I sense a quiet
beneath the silence -
in the garden, perhaps,
the spreading hush
of the daffodils
and lilies,
or amidst those great trees
who have been here
for so long,
emissaries of the other realms,
saying, "peace, peace,
the world will endure
past all its losses."

Often it is the ocean itself
that speaks
in its roiling voice,
its thunderous tongue.

What it is saying
I have listened for
all these years,
as it crackles and whips,
or whispers in its silken tones.

Even now,
I am not sure of its message
its assaults of thrill and boom
shattering the rocks
into flares of light
something about Mystery,
something about uncontainable Love.
                                                                    - Dorothy Walters, A Cloth of Fine Gold

Queen of Heaven by Hettienne

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday mornings with Mary - Essential kitch

She is the Mother of the mysteries,
of the arcane knowledge,
secret intuitions .... her blackness is a black hole,
pulling in everyone who contemplates her,
sucking our consciousness into her mystery ....

She can be fiercee, gaunt ..... lush,
bejeweled as at Gaudulupe,
or dressed in kitsch wedding dresses.

The kitsch is indeed essential ....
it connects her with the hopes, dreams, the groans
and the laments of the ordinary people.

Thus the Black Mary is a people's Mary ....

Extract from 'Divine Woman in Christianity" in 'The Absent Mother' by Roger Horrocks.

May you feel connected and supported in your play of shadow and light.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday mornings with Mary - Inner Sanctuary

Perhaps nature senses the longing that is in us, the restlessness that never let us settle.  She takes us into the tranquility of her stillness if we visit her. We slip into her quiet contemplation and inhabit for a while the depth of ancient belonging. Somehow we seem to become one with the rhythm of the universe.  Our longing is purified and we gain strength to come back to life refreshed, and refine our ways of belonging in the world.

John O'Donohue - Eternal Echoes

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