Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Hero's Journey

What was the event that initiated you into the sacred journey of finding 
the Seeker.  The journey has many layers and levels and it is similar to a labyrinth :
at times you  retrace your steps;
at other times you walk into dead ends;
at other times you seem to be going into the opposite way
that you really want to be going
it takes you back to yourself, where you have always been.

In Zen, the peace and inner knowing that the spiritual seeker
is seeking, is often called The Open Secret or The Gateless Gate.
The second secret is that you have to travel and battle the hero's journey
in order to discover that you all along had that which you were looking for!
A true paradox!

The red thread of the labyrinth becomes the secret clue!

So let us explore our own journey towards freeing the Goddess within, in the story of Ariadne
the Red Thread

Just a note here :

 the hero and the goddess is not gender based - 
you have four inner 'selves' or roles within and we experience
them in our dreams through masculine or feminine characteristics and
therefore in those 'bodies'.
The hero is your personal self striving for self-mastery, regardless
of whether you are male or female;
The goddess is both god-dess and is not exclusive to women.

that is part of the spoils and treasures of this quest :
that you come to know yourself as Self, beyond masculine and feminine and
as both!

In the myth of Ariadne and Theseus

we have the labyrinth,

Theseus, the warrior

and Ariadne, the beautiful woman

and we have the red thread

and inside the labyrinth
waits the Minotaur.

Theseus really had no choice as to whether he wanted to enter
the labyrinth or not and he also had no idea what the minotaur
looked like. He only knew that no-one has ever returned alive
after facing the minotaur.

The minotaur represents our deepest fears;  our undermining
and self-sabotaging belief systems and the inner darkness of the mind.

Should Theseus conquer the Minotaur, he will win
the hand of Ariadne and gain her love!

but, alas, there are some challenges waiting on both
Theseus and Ariadne!

Questions you can ask yourself as you look at your own journey :

-  what was the event or series of events that woke you up to the fact that
you wanted to change things in your own perception and experiences

- how can you apply the principles of walking the labyrinth in your own life?

- make your own Warrior Self (Theseus) and Ariadne (Goddess) cards

-  journal your known fears and make a card bringing those elements into it

- create a minotaur card using the intuitive method (without analysis or thinking) and see
which image comes together - what does that 'beast' look like?  what does it show
you about your hidden and unknown fears?

-  what do you think is the red thread?

- make a list of the qualities of your inner warrior and inner goddess.

Till next time, when we will explore the red thread and the interpenetration of the
masculine and feminine qualities of the hero and the goddess.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Drinking from the Waters that truly quench thirst ..... From Paris

I am writing to you from Paris. It is still early and quiet - the sun has been up for a while and is shining softly on the very Parisienne facade of the building across from me. What a busy city and probably not the best time to visit as it is peak season. I have spent a week in London with my teenage daughter who absolutely loved the shopping and the vibe and the crowds. I have been looking forward to the Paris leg of our trip as when I was here the previous time (pregnant with my now travel companion) I could not do many of the places I intended to this time. I love to travel and each time is different. This trip I often contemplated on the material world and people's obsession with the physical and physical appearance. I mused about the necessity of a spiritual path, be it religion or a more free way of embracing the idea that the Divine is in everything. And as the Divine is in everything, then those who lead a life focused only on the material is not separated from the Divine in any way. These were merely gentle musings on my part as I do know that it hinges on consciousness and one's awareness, but I am always very interested in others' ways of experiencing life and the profane. Yesterday we visited the Sacre Couer in Montmartre along with hundreds of tourists. The beautiful and sacred atmosphere of the church was virtually non-existent with tourists disobeying the instructions not to take photographs, children touching everything, you get the picture. However, my daughter and I was determined to immerse ourselves in the energies and we were not disappointed. We both felt the light humming in our hands and arms as we approached the beautiful golden statue of Mother and Child. It felt like a door opened in my chest and throat and a million birds flew out, suffusing myself with the Love that includes everyone and everything. Next we entered the Virgin chapel. The walls were covered in images of the sacred woman in Her different roles and aspects. The compassionate and nurturing energy was intense and palpable. The air here was cool and soothing and it felt like an expanse of space. We stayed as long as we could. The earth has chakras or energy centers that has higher vibrational energy than other spaces. We are aware of the restorative power of water and the ancients knew about wells. Mares is Latin for oceans of water and Marie is the French derivative and Mary of course the english. Ma mere means my mother and la mer means the sea. I have walked the Mary and Michael leylines over two continents and the Mary line follows the rivers and the sacred points are always at a well. We can survive without food but we cannot survive without water. The Divine as our sacred mother is the ability to nurture and nourish ourselves on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Our Divine Mother is here, present with us, in our physicality (70% of our body is water, a small ocean by itself). She is in our cells, hearing every thought, every word, witnessing every act of self-care and self-acceptance. In Hindu Tantra the divine mother is known as Shakty, the active force and power of Shiva, (the male god) in this world. Mary, the blessed Mother, is the active nurturing and creative principle of God, the heavenly Father, in this world. Everywhere in Paris she is depicted with a child on her hip - such a typical stance of a mother. She is holding her divine Son, He whom She has given birth to; the mother of a new life. In the same way we daily and even hourly, give birth to a new life We create through every thought, with our attitude and through actions. Every thought resonates and vibrates in the waters of your body and sponsors an entire creation. As we repeat Her name in Love, She responds. Ave Maria Yesterday we visited the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal. What an incredible and wonderful experience! I will share with you as soon as I have found the right plug adaptor today. I will also try my best to figure out how to upload pictures from my iPad that I have with me. Till tomorrow Blessings Hettienne