Sunday, March 25, 2012

Postcards from Paradise

The last of the Harvest
in my summer garden

the Harvest Moon
announced herself

and we are in the wonderful time of Mabon

a time of stillness
a balance between dark and light

and play along with SoulSongs

as I celebrate with the creating of a SoulCollage card,

in preparation of the dark mother's return during Winter

Hestia, the Keeper of the Sacred Hearth

'My most sacred place is my innermost Self'

Hestia : Goddess of the Hearth and Temple, Wise Woman

Symbols:  Altar, priestess, home, circular hearth, living flame

Modern archetype : a woman on a spiritual path

 (Hestia in the Greek Pantheon and Vesta in the Roman.) She is one of the oldest Olympian Goddesses and greatly honoured – not by myths but by fire and fire rituals.  The Vestal Virgins kept alight the perpetual flame that symbolized the mystic heart of the Roman Empire.  Vesta and the hearth symbolized the center of the world and innermost mysteries.

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you may want to join in below.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Soul Songs


Orbits lit, a match to shine upon the twilit sky
Her flow defines - she is Artemis, sister to the sun
She glimmers as the last sunset ray upon the sea
An abstruse gambol, the bands 'round my soul untie
And freed my life anew, a boundless journey just begun
A veiled companion, my passage's potpourri

She is Artemis - a hunter of renown and skill
She doth take aim, and to my knees I fall
Struck by an arrow naught villainous, but of euphoric frame
I am the quail, the huntress' target, bent now to her will
Forever pursuing as a cherub forced me to enthrall
She is Artemis the hunter and I beg to be her game 
Beach Leanbh

This is my Artemis SoulCollage card.  Other than being a Greek goddess, she is one of my dominant goddesses, that is according to Jungian philosophy.  Soul Collage cards is a wonderful tool for inner knowledge and understanding, as well as a form of art.  I have come to love it and have found that all my knowledge of other therapies and tools gathered over the years, all meld into Soul Collage.

Jean Shinoda Bolen have written quite a comprehensive book on the seven alchemical goddesses in Jungian philosophy :  Goddess in Everywoman.  Also, God in Everywoman.

My SoulCollage card of Artemis is based on her work with some personal added symbols, such as the owl.  Artemis is the one within that loves the garden.  She loves her pets, all animals, the birds in the garden and the rights of all animals.  She creates, she sculpts, she loves working with her hands.  She is guided by the moon, both within and wthout;  In the Roman pantheon she is known as Diana, Lady of the Hunt.  She is a virgin goddess, which means that she a woman unto herself;  independent in herself.

Next week I will share my interpretation of Hestea with you!  I invite you to play along.  You can make and share any collage - you do not have to stick to my weekly theme.

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