Tuesday, January 1, 2013

San Ambroso in Knysna Forest

Spending time in Knysna forest on New Year's day, I came across this small piece of
magic in the middle of seemingly nowhere.

Knysna Forest is known as a magical place, filled with fairies and a glimpse of
an elephant, hidden communities, myths, legend and other tales.

Turning a corner in the road, we came across this rustic hand painted sign, tucked behind some trees.
I smelled Beauty in the air and we hurried towards the whitewashed building
to be met by these wonders :
a tiny restored church called San Ambroso
restored to an eclectic mix of traditional and modern.
To enter the church you step onto a mosaic step,
set with local seashells and handmade tiles and crosses

 This is the first that you see as you enter through the door
and the smell of incense hits your senses
The beautiful larger than life mural on the far wall
of the assumption of Mary, the Christ child,
surrounded by saints.
The velvet curtain and tassels are painted in the
trompe l'oei style and it seems so real that you want
to reach out and touch the tassels

a beautiful hand painted altar

I left, feeling replenished!