Friday, July 18, 2014

We are the Storytellers

The Rose Queen and Rose Child - Sacred
 Altars Oracle Deck

We are all Storytellers. We share our stories,
open our hearts and become inspired through our own
stories and the stories of others.  Through difficult times
we hold on to the stories, waiting for better days.
 Most of what we believe and know
is based on stories, our own, our tribe and our family stories.

And we are all seekers.  We all seek a sense
of purpose, connection, meaning and belonging :
in other words we are all seeking Spirit or God.

The one thing that stands out for me, is that regardless
of culture, religion, politics, beliefs and country,
these stories all share the same thread, commonly
called the archetype.
And when we look at the metaphor of the story,
the archetype that weaves through all these
stories, we find guidance, inspiration and the greatest love
story ever told!!

We set out in search of the Beloved and we 
return to tell our sacred stories and in doing so,
we gather knowledge of the Self, Soul and Spirit.

St Joseph, the Builder - Sacred Altars of the Mysteries Oracle Deck

I am working on the Sacred Altars Oracle Deck
and have been doing so for the past two years
and by the looks of things it may take another two years.

Each shrine will be turned into a card in a deck
of stories, weaving the red thread of continuity and infinity
with its message of Divine Love.

What I like about stories is that we do not have to take
someone else's word for it, nor their 'because I say so'.
We do not have to have blind faith.  We can just look
around us, listen to the stories we tell ourselves and others,
we can listen to the fairy tales, the myths and the religions
of the world, and we can hear the message.
'you have the power to change your story'

The Magician - Sacred Altar of the Mysteries Oracle Deck

Each one of these shrines are 'born' from my Soul.
I started collecting the Roman Catholic statues during a visit
to the Queen of Heaven shrine in Florida.  As I have blogged
previously, my journey has been one of unfolding,
similar to that of a rose.  From a tight worldview of
Calvinism, it unfolded into a wider, more holistic view which
included the Solar Myths, the Lunar Myths;
 Goddess religions which led to a
deeper understanding of the Sacred Feminine, a study
of the specific Christian viewpoint of the Gnostics and Cathars,
and alchemy.  Yes, indeed, I have been around the block.

Only to find myself back to where I started, realising
that it does not matter which path you walk,
it all brings us back to the same destination,
to Home, to the loving embrace of the Divine,
the Sacred Heart of Unconditional Love and Compassion
and the challenge is to live that knowledge each and every day.

So, back to the shrines.
A while ago I started making Mary shrines with some
of the statues that I collected.  These I sold on Etsy
and many hang on the walls of my home.
As I worked with these little shrines, and blogged
about them, I started to see that they resemble
the many myths and fairy tales and very often
images from Alchemy.  These alchemical images
are everywhere in the Bible as well as the Gnostic
Bibles, the Nag Hammadi and fairy tales.

I do not contrive the shrine.  I allow it take shape under my hands
and then sometimes it takes days and weeks, even months
for the name of the shrine to reveal itself to me.

This shrine of Jesus the Christ, started off as a
Sacred Heart shrine.  Then one day I picked it up
and added the halo with the roses.  And I added
the chalice, the sword, the rose and the holy medal.

And as I sat back I realised that I had coloured in the
leminiscate, the infinity sign on the halo and
I had created a table below.

This is the Magician card in the Tarot deck :

In this version of the card you can see the Aleph
on the right hand side which immediately brings
to mind "I am the Alpha and the Omega.'
There is the leminiscate above his head, the chalice, 
the sword and the pentacle, also referred
to as a coin.  These four represent
the four suits of the elements, water, air,
fire and earth.
These four elements are also present in ourselves
in the physical, and as importantly, in the
emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

The Magician is the first and the last step in the circular
journey of the Seeker.  The Magician has the power
to access the divine realms and to manifest in the
physical.  The Magician has the power to work miracles.

In the same way, in the story of Jesus, we are told
that He was a magician.  He transformed the consciousness
of mankind and he worked miracles.
The Christ is present in every human being.  The Christ
is the greatest Love principle and has the power to
work miracles and to liberate minds!

At first, it was tarot images that unfolded :

The Sun - Sacred Altars Oracle

Here it is the Sun Card from the Tarot, representing
the risen Christ Child, the awakening of the higher human,
the awakening of a deep joy flowing from the
knowing that you are not separate from the Divine.

But then, I started to see other similarities.
Fairy tales started to appear in these mystical events;
the lives of saints contain the same elements
as the archetypes seen in myths;
and the High days and Holy days as seen in the
astrotheological wheel of time.

And thus the weaving continues and wherever
we look, there is God.