Monday, April 28, 2014

Mondays with Mary

Mondays with Mary

with extracts from
Ten Teachings for One World : Wisdom from Mother Mary
by Gina Lake



Everything is the way it is, and everything is in
constant change.  Nothing stays the same. 
This is the truth.
This is the reality.
It is a reality that the ego is not comfortable with,
because the ego cannot control the natural flow of life,
as it would like.  The ego is determined to have its
way with life, but sheer will is not enough.
Life will move as it will.
People have some influence on this movement,
they are a factor in the flow. 
But they do not determine the flow, which
is already established to some extent 
by a grand design.

Many have likened life to a river, and this is a 
good metaphor.  The river is more powerful and enduring
than anything or anyone on the river.
It has a force of its won,
independent of those traveling it,
who cannot change the river's course but
are obliged to follow it.
Those on the river do have freedom to
maneuver, however :
They can paddle slowly or quickly or even
try to buck the river.
They can sing or they can cry.
They can love or they can hate.
What you choose to do while you are on the
river affects the experience of being on the river,
but not the river.
So, too, with life.

You have a choice about how you respond
internally and externally to life,
but you are not in control of what life brings,
of how it shows up moment to moment.

Since you cannot control the way things are,
the only solution - the only one -
is to surrender to the way they are,
which means giving up the struggle and the complaints.
Your attitude toward the way things are is the only
thing you have control over.

And so the ninth teaching is to let everything be.
If you let everything be, that does not mean that things will 
not change, which is the fear the mind has about moments
it does not like.
Letting everything be does not mean
letting everything stay the way it is, because nothing
stays the same anyway.

Acceptance allows you to align with your true
higher nature.  From there, 
you respond to life with love, courage, patience,
strength and wisdom.

Everytime you suffer, you are supposing something.
'Things are supposed to be different.
I am supposed to be different. She is supposed
to be different. The past is supposed to be different.
I am supposed to feel differently.'
You decided how things are supposed to be, you tried
to make them that way, and when they turned out differently,
you felt angry or sad.

You have the choice of listening to the voice of 'no' to life
or the voice of acceptance of life which is the inner 'yes',
the voice of love, peace and wisdom.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Mondays with Mary - a blessed Bright Easter Monday

On this Bright Monday I celebrate
another Monday with Mary
with you.

I wish you a day, a week and a year of
inner renewal, regeneration and rebirth.

And for this very special time of year,
Shiloh Sophia McCloud generously offers a
painting class inspired by Mary Magdalene
free to anyone.
The offer will be available for forty days
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Ten Teachings for One World : Wisdom from Mother Mary
by Gina Lake

The EighthTeaching

Be Still

Unless you become still, you may not know your joy,
which does not arise from the mind but from beyond it.
To experience this joy requires making space
for it - empty space, free from thought.

In between each and every thought is a space,
and that is where freedom lies,
in experiencing this space.

What is the experience of thought like?
Does it make you more peaceful,
more loving, more courageous, 
more compassionate?
Possibly, but usually not.
More likely, thought causes tension,
because underlying so much of it is
the sense of not being or having enough.

The ego's tendency to run from stillness and peace
has to be overcome.

When the mind is quiet, you are left with the truth :
You are complete goodness and love, like 
That Which created you.

The only way to realize your true nature is to move out
of the intellect and into the experience of it.
You do this by being still.

To become still is a matter of learning to listen to something other 
than your thoughts. To listen means to be 
receptive to.
You listen to life, to what is here and now.

To be still is to just be.
Thoughts and feelings are noticed,
appreciated for what they are,
embraced, blessed, and kissed good-bye.
Everything passes in its own time.
When you are still, you let everything come and
everything go in its own time.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Featured Artist and Blogger

I discovered a brand new blog and shop!

French Vellum Miniature Interiors

I just love her miniatures - if her pictures
did not include the Marie Antoinette paper doll,
one would not know that they are miniatures!

This is a French day bed

French Empire Style Daybed  Miniature Dollhouse Furniture Scale 1:12

Her Etsy shop is very unusual and one of a kind in that
the context of the furniture, both historically and
culturally is included.

She explains that her love of miniatures 
started as a child, and she focuses on French and Swedish

A Napoleon III style couch!

Napoleon III Style Sofa in Blue and White Toile Miniature Dollhouse Furniture Scale 1:12

Her blog French Vellum Miniatures Interiors 
you can read about how she finds the bits n pieces,
her process of putting them together,
her research and more

A Marie Antoinette bookcase with
hand made vellum books

Marie Antoinette Bookcase Miniature Dollhouse Furniture Scale 1:12

Look at this miniature scene -  it is a miniature
terrarium in a box that she made

I just love these topiaries

Her blog is filled with beautiful photographs -
be prepared to be wowed! if you love
miniatures as much as I do.

You can find her Etsy shop at
and her blog at

French Vellum Miniature Interiors

Featured here

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I Am the Immaculate Conception

I am the Immaculate Conception
was her words to Bernadette

She was a poor shepherdess,
growing up at the foothills of the Pyrenees,
on the banks of the Gave du Pau.
Tending the very poor family's
small flock of sheep
When the most miraculous vision 
appeared to her.
A vision of Light
with roses on Her feet.
From this numinous event
flowed forth a stream of healing water,
a holy place was born,
Bernadette's life was transformed
into one of passion,
commitment and a vocation to the highest Love

Bernadette's message : God is everywhere!

A place where the fire was lit long ago
and the fire of your Soul
and Its unconditional love
is kept alive

And such is the miracle within our own hearts
as She brings forth the waters of regeneration,
healing and wholeness,
teaching you that Love is everywhere

A wearable altar to
Our Lady of Lourdes
L'immaculee Conception

Hand soldered lead-free silver
patina'd by hand
Vintage prayer card set between glass
creating a miniature shadowbox filled with
seed pearls and small freshwater pearls 
as well as a tiny vintage Lourdes connector

Vintage buttons from a street market in Paris
a tiny crown
a vintage Lourdes medal with prayer on the back
an image of Our Lady of Lourdes set in resin
in a sterling silver cup

beaded chain that contain mother of pearl buttons,
aurora borealis
a tiny sterling silver Agnus Dei heart locket
and two different kinds of linked antiqued chain

The back of the pendant contains the basilica
of Lourdes from the same vintage holy card

Stacked mother of pearl buttons,
swarovski crystals
silver toned roses
aurora borealis
freshwater pearls

Sterling Silver element with artist's name engraved on it

You can read here how my sacred altars
are prepared with holy relics and oils

with love,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A sacred altar Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris
Our Lady of Paris

A Sacred Altar

Each tiny disk contains the image of
Notre Dame and on the back
the rose window in the Notre Dame Cathedral

a tiny vintage Miraculous Medal

rondelle, real pearls, freshwater pearls
and smoky aurora borealis beads

an elegant chain with tiny dangle at end
at the closure of necklace

a holy card set in an aged
brass filligree frame
with a tiny brass cross underneath

Pieces of a magnificent rosary brought back
from Notre Dame de Paris.  I brought this rosary
back from my previous pilgrimage to France and only now
have had the time to use it in a wearable altar.

The pieces are solid brass and the detail magnificent.

with love,

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mornings with Mary

These pictures were taken early this morning
in my one Mary garden shrine.
It has been extremely hot here and the scent
of these angels' trumpets or moonflowers
are wonderfully pungent.

The Seventh Teaching from Ten Teachings, Wisdom from Mother Mary
by Gina Lake

Follow your Joy

You were given a compass,
and that compass is joy.
You are meant to in the direction
that brings joy, not in the direction 
that brings suffering. The egoic mind
promises you joy, but delivers only temporary
satisfaction and happiness.
Then the suffering that comes with feeling
you are never enough returns.

Most people do not follow their joy.
Instead, they follow the sense of not having
or not being good enough.  They allow the
sense of lack to drive them forward, seeking
here and there for fulfillment,
for what will fill the sense of lack created by
the human condition.
However, nothing that the mind suggests can fill that lack,
because the sense of lack was created by the same thing that
proposes to fix it.

The sense of lack can only be solved by
dropping out of the mind.  When you drop out of the
mind, you lose the sense that anything is lacking.
There never was anything lacking, and that is 
all you have ever had to see to feel full and

The sense of lack is so ingrained that most
people are unaware that it is there.
They just react to it as if it were true.
For most, this sense of lack, is a deeply held
belief.  It seems absolutely an
unquestionably true.

The sense of yourself and the sense of lack are both
manufactured by the mind.  They create the human condition
that is one of suffering.  You not only believe you are who you
think you are, but these thoughts about yourself tell you
that you are lacking and that your life - indeed, life
itself - is not good enough.

This unrelenting sense of lack interferes with the joy,
that is possible whenever you are willing to simply
be with whatever is showing up in your life.

The assumptions causes you to overlook the
happiness that is present at your core and ever
available in this simple and sweet present moment.
The happiness at your core is very subtle
unless you turn your attention to it and
allow yourself to experience it for more than 
a brief second.

When your attention is focused on fixing a perceived
problem, it is not available to notice the quiet
beauty, peace and joy that is already
present with you.

A wonderful Morning with Mary to you!
I changed the name to Mornings with Mary - with the
time difference and everyone's full schedules, anyone
can join in on any day.  The post stays up for the week -
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Mondays with Mary

You are invited 
to walk with me through my Mary gardens

and to share your Mary inspiration
with us

Mondays with Mary

Here in the Southern tip of Africa we
are entering the balmy days of autumn
and I have been adding to one of my
many Mary gardens
The gorgeous purple flower
is an Angelico Serenity -
so fitting to grow around the
Mary statue

These pink beauties are all from the same
plant - they have a variety of pinks, lilac and
white flowers - all growing on the same shrub.

For ten weeks of Mondays with Mary
I am sharing extracts from the little book
by Gina Lake
Ten Teachings for One World : Wisdom from Mother Mary

The Sixth Teaching
To be with what is Real

What remains when thoughts and feelings are no longer believed,
when they no longer matter?  You are still here, right?
nothing really changed, and yet everything change,
because your relationship to life changed.
Before, your thoughts and feelings were seen as
primary and important;  now the fall into the
background, and the rest of life becomes
the foreground.

The problem with thoughts and feelings is that they do not
accurately reflect reality, and often they have no
connection whatsoever with reality,
although they pretend to.
In a sense, thoughts and feelings create a
parallel reality, one that contains
the you that you think of yourself as,
although that is all that that you is.
It is just ideas about you, mostly images 
and stories.
This parallel reality exists only in your own mind
(not even in other people's minds)

Imagine, for a moment, what it would be like if
someone who was angry at you disregarded that anger
or if you disregarded your anger.
How would that change relationships?
What can disturb the natural state of peace that
the evolved human is capable of?
Only a thought can ever disturb that peace.

Whatever you give your attention to becomes real to you.
Your awareness, which is peace, can experience life purely,
without the influence of the mind.

When the interfering, fearful mind is not heeded, it is possible to
discover the 'great peace that passeth all understanding'

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