Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Feast Day of Maria de Guadulupe

The Sacred Heart of Maria de Guadulupe
here, today
on her feast day
after having shared,
travelled together,
listened to each other's stories,
visited one another's home
even though miles across the seas.
thank you to each one who visited 
and left encouragement;
and to each one who shared
a piece of your heart

it all started with Rebecca


This page and this post today is dedicated to
Nuestra SeƱora de Guadalupe,
Our Lady of Guadulupe
The Perfect Virgin, Mary of Guadulupe

Holy Night

Your Holy Light
Shines on the deserted plains of my being

You carry the lamp
That hushes my heart

As a babe in arms I become
When I hear your voice of sincerity

The Holy night answers
In silent reverence
As It witness the
Star of Love born

Returning love to my eyes
A miracle I behold
My soul is filled
With flowers of mercy,
Compassion and tenderness
Surrounded by your sacred heart.

May we meet soon again

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day Eleven of Sharing Mary

At St Mary's Cathedral in Bangalore,
Mary  is dressed in a sari.  

so so beautiful!

St Mary's Feast is held during September
and it is a festival that lasts
ten days.

From Samson's Photoblog - St Mary's Cathedral Bangalore India
Each day her sari is changed.

so beautiful!!

Mary in India

Mary in an Indian saree

my absolute favourite!

Banglore India

Pictures from - Mary Novena in Bangalore - Mary draped in Indian Saree - so beautiful

red and white

With thanks to Samson's Photoblog

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day Eight of Mary a Day

Our Lady of the Dove - oil on canvas by Hettienne
Our ordinary lives are in fact sacred and it contains 
everything that we have been searching for.
All the sages and mystics over time have always pointed this out with stories
and poetry. But very few ever believe them.

Often one seeks the sacred and the glorious in places other than
the present, ordinary humdrum of daily living.

Often the seeking is driven by a longing to escape the humdrum
of ordinary living; or one seeks in order to prevent disaster
from striking again or to prevent the painful feelings of loss, betrayal, rejection and

 But the truth of the matter is that discomfort, unhappiness, boredom, death,
dying, pain, cruelty, injustice and more is an intrinsic part of life.

 The spiritual life does not exempt us from this. Living with devotion
and spiritual awareness and faith
does not mean that we no longer feel the pain of the world.

 It is probably true to say that that the less self-centred we are, 
the less self-absorbed and the less occupied with
our own selves , the greater our sensitivity, the greater
our empathy and our compassion

with others and with all living creatures
and the deeper
 you feel the pain in the broken heart of the Mother.

 But then it is also true that he deeper and more intense we feel, 
the greater the call to add to the world in some way or another; 
not for glory and fame, nor power and money, 
but to add tenderness,

beauty, love and wisdom
 in some form to this world.

“In the turmoil of our time, we are being called to a new order of reality. Working toward that consciousness, we suffer, but our suffering opens us to the wounds of the world and the love that can heal. It is our immediate task to relate to the emerging feminine whether she comes to us in dreams, in the loss of those we love, in body disease, or in ecological distress. Each of us in our own way is being brought face to face with Her challenge.”~Marion Woodman
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Friday, December 7, 2012

Day Seven in the Pilgrimage of Marys

Forty days and forty nights,
she roams the desert plains.
Cloaked in tatters,
wearing her garment of grief,
lost in the wilderness of her mind.

Calling out, listening for a reply,
an echo to the walls of her heart.
Following the drumbeat
set by her feet.
Enslaved by its rhythm
always onward, forward.

Until she can no more!

She surrenders, gives in to exhaustion
willpower failing her
salt tears pooling mud
her love roots into the clay

Her bleeding heart blooms red
showers of petals set alight,
thorns sprouting a trailing vine,
paradise is found.

Poem by Hettienne
Painting by Hettienne ' Living Waters'

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