Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day Eight of Mary a Day

Our Lady of the Dove - oil on canvas by Hettienne
Our ordinary lives are in fact sacred and it contains 
everything that we have been searching for.
All the sages and mystics over time have always pointed this out with stories
and poetry. But very few ever believe them.

Often one seeks the sacred and the glorious in places other than
the present, ordinary humdrum of daily living.

Often the seeking is driven by a longing to escape the humdrum
of ordinary living; or one seeks in order to prevent disaster
from striking again or to prevent the painful feelings of loss, betrayal, rejection and

 But the truth of the matter is that discomfort, unhappiness, boredom, death,
dying, pain, cruelty, injustice and more is an intrinsic part of life.

 The spiritual life does not exempt us from this. Living with devotion
and spiritual awareness and faith
does not mean that we no longer feel the pain of the world.

 It is probably true to say that that the less self-centred we are, 
the less self-absorbed and the less occupied with
our own selves , the greater our sensitivity, the greater
our empathy and our compassion

with others and with all living creatures
and the deeper
 you feel the pain in the broken heart of the Mother.

 But then it is also true that he deeper and more intense we feel, 
the greater the call to add to the world in some way or another; 
not for glory and fame, nor power and money, 
but to add tenderness,

beauty, love and wisdom
 in some form to this world.

“In the turmoil of our time, we are being called to a new order of reality. Working toward that consciousness, we suffer, but our suffering opens us to the wounds of the world and the love that can heal. It is our immediate task to relate to the emerging feminine whether she comes to us in dreams, in the loss of those we love, in body disease, or in ecological distress. Each of us in our own way is being brought face to face with Her challenge.”~Marion Woodman
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  1. Inspiring words Hettienne. This painting is a really powerful depiction,maybe it has something to do with the glorious red!
    Sweet dreams,

  2. Wonderful piece. Love the red. Nicely done. Thank you.

  3. What a glorious call to be present and take action.

  4. YES, I love the red, too. This is a lovely image, Hettienne. I have been thinking about painting a red painting for the past year or so. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Your words-so very, very true! And a powerful painting too.

  6. i deeply love your words today. thank you for blessing me with your beauty and wisdom.

  7. Always was partial to this painting...
    and what you wrote
    is exactly what I believe♥

  8. There is that remarkable curve you apply to so many of your Marys. I am beginning to feel her hovering above but leaning over and in, beckoning me.

  9. This is an AWESOME piece of art, Hetienne. You have outdone yourself in your tribute to Mary. I totally love this artwork!! I didnt make it here on Day 8, so I will have to come back later to check out Day 9. I'm blown away.

  10. Beautiful writing, Hettienne and love Marion's quote, too. Thank you!


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