Saturday, March 26, 2011


Vesta and the Vestal Virgins

Whilst in Rome, I went to the ancient city. I had one mission and that was to visit the temple of Vesta and her Vestal Virgins. In my seeking through the years I learnt that my name derived from Hestea (my grandmother's name). Hestea is the Greek counterpart of the Roman Vesta.

Two years before this trip, my daughter Claudia was born. She came nine years after her brothers and after so many things in my life had changed and she arrived in the wake of many new beginnings. After her birth one night, as I sat breastfeeding her in the soft light of the night, I had one of many visions of previous lives. Some were very clear, others were more impressions and feelings sensed.

In this vision I was buried alive. I know that many people have these kinds of memories or dreams or visions and that it was part of the history of mankind. After this vision some physical symptoms that I had been struggling with for a long time, disappeared!

When we arrived at the ancient city of Rome we discovered that we could not get to the temple of Vesta as major renovations were going on. I was determined though and paid a small fortune to enter the gardens above the renovations and climbed a very very steep hill. From there I could look down and see glimpses of the temple and the remainder of the statues. There was a row of statues of the priestesses ( all headless) and only the last one was still intact. However, her pedestal was defaced and the name scratched out. On my way down, I picked up a small leaflet about the temple of Vesta. Watch this video for more on the vestal virgins :

But what was an important clue for me in my adventure, was that one of the vestal virgins converted to christianity. She did this in secret, but was discovered. She was buried alive and her name was Claudia.

To me this is part of the Mystery. I do not believe nor disbelieve in the theory of reincarnation, past lives and karma. To my heart, it does not really matter. The puzzle never fits completely and nothing is as simple as a linear interpretation of cause and effect; neither are our experiences ever a direct product of what we do : we do not make things happen; they happen through us.

But more importantly, Archangel Michael and Vesta pointed me to the Tor in Glastonbury : with its Tower of Michael and two saints on either side of the arch, Saint Michael and Saint Brigid, the Irish counterpart of Vesta/Hestea.

blessings till next time
may Beauty accompany you

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  1. What an amazing story. When you write I feel like I am there. I also had a vision of a past life as a witch, where I was burned at the stake. My name was Dora very close to my name now. I have had many other visions of past lives - Hindu, Native American, as a nun in a monestary and quite a few more. I am sure we have known each other before and that is why we have connected again.


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