Monday, February 8, 2016

Art Novena for Our Lady of Lourdes Day Six

Window and chapel of Mary in Notre Dame de Paris

Sweet Lady of the Snows,
when we are most convinced
that the light is in danger
of disappearing from this world

Lit votives in front of statue of Notre Dame de Paris
in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris taken on the Nativity
of Mary

 You step through the darkness,
barefoot, enraptured,
and carry the Sun of Justice into our midst.
The highest angelic orders
bear witness to the miracle ripening
in your womb.
Within the mysterious heart of deep winter,
the seed of everlasting life is preparing

Full moon at Notre Dame de Paris on eve of Nativity Feast
of Mary 2014

to break through the frozen mantle 
that covers our hearts,
radiating healing and hope
where we had witnessed only desolation.

Holy Mary,
we are ready to be amazed.
      -  Mirabai Starr

Full moon at Notre Dame de Paris on eve of Mary's Nativity Feast
7 September 2014


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