Friday, November 1, 2013

Miracle Thinking

Miracles - Soulcollage card by Hettienne

A miracle is when the cross of suffering
blooms with roses of forgiveness, healing, courage and wisdom.

As lovers of the mystical and divine mythos and living event
of Divine Love we are daily reminded
of Miracles -
and its ability to triumph over
the darkness of life -
we celebrate an immaculate conception,
a resurrection, an assumption into Heaven
and so much more.

But maybe we feel too far removed from these
cosmic events to realise that they reflect such
wisdom for our own daily living.

And we are taught that we need to be special
to have a miracle in our lives! Yet, there are many
who can testify to miracles!.
But still we do not believe that these miracles
are our right - they belong to saints, or holy ones,
or sages or the enlightened ones, or such.

Faith and the belief in miracles,
is a way of thinking :
A way of thinking that allows for miracles to happen.
Inner peace is one such miracle.

Have you ever observed your mind, and its endless
monologue, or dialogue with itself?
How it never admits that it is wrong?
How it switches sides in order to avoid being wrong?
Or how it supports your decision in one moment
only to oppose it in the next?
If you observe your mind closely, and you move
into the 'witness', the one who is listening,
you will notice that the mind moves from side to side,
looking for a place to rest.

If you stay in the witness and you observe your
mind and your body, you will notice how
these thoughts are not without effect -
you will notice how your breath becomes shorter,
or how you even stop breathing because
of a thought;  how your stomach tightens
and your heart beats faster!
All because of some random thoughts
which are not you.
If you are the one listening, how could you be the
one talking??

So why not create a place of rest for the restless mind?
A pool of peace and tranquility;
a garden within which miracles are possible.
But in order to do that, you have to change your mind
and you have to abandon your mind;
you have to let go of the misplaced loyalty that you
have to your thoughts, believing that they are your

Have you noticed how fickle the mind is at times
and how stuck it is at other times?
So why even bother with following its train??
When you hook your coach to that engine
you will end up in distress and confusion
and soon the old familiar feelings of hurt, betrayal,
sadness and loss will follow.

Once you have become aware of your mind
and its ability to draw a veil of fear
over the reality, one nail in your cross
will bloom into a rose of courage!

When you forgive yourself ,
another rose will sprout.

The rose of healing appears,
seemingly out of nowhere this miracle takes place
and we are amazed!

The rose of Wisdom is handed to us by Grace
as we realise that the uprooting of the mind
is the key

Om Shanty, Shalom, Peace


  1. Very nice. Your posts always carry messages of faith. Thank you.

  2. An awesome lesson here Hetienne. Beautiful.

  3. Amen! I catch many miracles each day...and I am sure I miss some too,
    but I am continuing to try to see Love in everything.
    Your soul card is beautiful!


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