Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Life is infinite and so is the spiritual journey. We are the All, so there is never a destination that is arrived at. I have been receiving mails from some of my readers, wondering why I am not writing. To those of you who do not know my unpredictable rhythms yet, I am always on the verge of moving into the 'cave'. Especially when I enter a very creative phase. Right now I am working on The Alchemical Journey of Everywoman - an exhibition that I am planning. I am also working on producing enough art for a very big artist market and another exhibition (which I have not even started on yet!) And to support me in this, my internet server crashed and my phone's battery died! And oh yes, my car also had a flat tyre! I am listening!

Over and above my creative life, my life as guide to a small group of students continue. As their journeys deepen, I spend a lot of time in energetic support, deep meditation and also facilitating initiations. You may also have noticed that my spiritual name has changed. And indeed, I myself, was initiated into another part of Tantra Yoga and blessed with the name of Bhaktymayi Ma, shortened to Bhakty Ma.

I will post some more detail about this path, the path of the Mystical Marriage. My devotion to this understanding has been very obvious in my writings and especially my poetry. More on this later.

Speak to you soon, blessings to you

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