Monday, May 12, 2014

Mornings with Mary

Our Lady of New Life by Hettienne G

Welcome to Mornings with Mary

Mornings with Mary
it is a celebration of all
things Mary
in her many forms and aspects
in the many cultures and tradition
of our world.
Whatever this means to YOU.
and in whatever way you want to celebrate
the Divine World, both profane and sacred,
in your belief, in your creativity,
your religion,
your understanding and
in your ideas and expression.
A place of sharing and growth!

The philosopher Thomas Moore, in his wonderful works on Soul,
really defines it for me. Everyone has a Soul and thus a religion of the Soul,
and that may be found in the enchantment of everyday living, in art as a sacred undertaking,
or it may be found in the practise and application of a holy book and its teachings.

For the past ten weeks I shared ten teachings from
the Wisdom of Mary, a book by Gina Lake.

Today I am starting with extracts from a very
interesting book
The Blessed Virgin Mary, Her Life and Mission
by Corinne Heline.

The Madonna Flower Cycle

Each month the Virgin Mary bestows some special blessing
upon the children of men. Each month has a spiritual key 
flower corresponding to those special powers of the 
seasonal cycle. 

January is the month of they hyacinth, its colors and its
fragrance speak of better things to come and of
happier days to be.  January is the month of Capricorn which
speaks of new ideals and the fruition of every new and 
higher dream.

February is the month which commemorates the
purity of the Virgin.  
The snowdrop, emblem of virgin
chastity, is Her flower. 
 Quantities of its blossoms
are strewn at this season 
altars of prayer and worship.  

In March the White Lily blooms to celebrate the 
Festival of Annunciation.  The Marigold is also
dedicated to the Virgin Mother of Jesus at this
season, meaning that Mary's gold is now available
for anyone who wills to come and freely
partake of its bounty.

April claims the soft flowering of the Primrose,
the first rose of the year.  The rose is the most
sacred symbol of Mary and her purest sacred heart.

May is the month of the Madonna,
 the month of mothers.
May is enshrouded with that holy light 
of mother love
which lifts the heart to a
 divine realization only to that
of the Christ.  
Showers of blessings 
descend upon
the heart in the lovely month - 
blessings that
blossom in Roses,
 the beloved flower of the Madonna
and a reflection
 of the Mystic Rose which
blooms eternally in her heart
 for all the
mothers in the world.

I hope that you had a lovely Mother's day yesterday!

with love,

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  1. I love how you enlighten us lucky readers. I knew that there were flowers associated with Mary, but I was unaware of certain months for them. I received a bouquet of flowers from my oldest that included lilies and roses. They are so lovely. My daughter's gift included marigolds, petunias, salvia. They are now planted in pots on my deck in front of my Mary statue. May Mary continue to bring her essence to you in the guise of your art.

  2. What a beautiful post Hettienne. Sorry I wasn't able to do anything this week but my thought of course are on this day. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Take care.


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