Thursday, May 29, 2014

Archangel Michael, protector of the Divine FeminineArch

Archangel Michael shrine and altar and blessing seeds made by Hettienne
Her Grace by Devata

Archangel Michael blessing seeds
St Michael is one of the three angels mentioned
by name in Holy Scriptures.
The name Michael signifies
'Who is like God'

He is called Chief of the Order of Virtues,
Chief of the Seven Archangels
Prince of the Angels

The image of Michael on his icons is based on his role in the final
battle described in Revelation.

Archangel Michael has a close relationship with
Our Lady Mary, Mother of God.
She is the Rose Queen and they belong to
the Order of the Divine Rose.
Michael is the one that brings Blessed Mary
the news of her approaching death.

In The Legends of the Jews it is said that
'the fire that Moses saw in the burning bush had the appearance
of Michael, who had descended from heaven as
the forerunner of the Shekinah.  
Michael has a long history as protector of the Divine Feminine

The blessing seeds have all these images and others
from the scenes of the stories of Archangel Michael
including images of appearance at the grotto
in Mont' San'Angelo in Italy

The blessing seeds are sprinkled with sacred water collected
at the grotto, as well as blessed salts mixed with roses blessed
by a second relic of roses of St Teresa d'Lisieux
and holy oil of 53 relics, 
water brought back from the springs and wells of Glastonbury,
sacred to the Feminine
and water from Lourdes where our holy mother appeared
and is still working her miracles.

These blessings seeds can be used for healing,
ceremony, ritual and to bless the earth and pot plants.

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  1. Hettienne, you are such a gifted weaver of words and in combining objects to make the most beautiful art. Thank you for adding to my knowledge of St. Michael the Archangel.


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