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Mornings with Mary - Monday 19 May

Queen of Heaven - handmade rosary necklace by Hettienne

The Madonna Flower Cycle
extract from 
The Blessed Virgin Mary, Her Life
and Her Mission by Corinne Heline

......June is the month of Celestial Reflections.
It claims the Iris, the rainbow flower,
and the stately plant that bears an impress
of the flower spectrum.
Man did not always know the seven-rayed
spectrum, nor does he know its twelvefold
range.  But time will bring extensions.

July - the White Lily - a native of the Holy Land,
is the symbol of the Feast of the Visitation
which is celebrated in July, the 
month of Cosmic Remembrance.
Wherever the Visitation is preserved,
the vase of white lilies stands by the
Virgin's side, crowned with an auriole of
three mystic blossoms.

In August, the golden month of 
Divine Consummations, occurs the
Feast of the Assumption.
This season knows the golden Sunflower.
It is the golden blossom upon which the soul,
newly separated from earth conditions,
feasts in preparation for transition
into a higher state of consciousness, and
therefore appropriately named 
'food for a king'.
It is today truly a King's food for seeds
are of man's greatest nourishment, the
breath of the Sun breathing its power into the body
through the these tiny seeds.

September - Golden Rod.
In September the annual inflow
of Light is celebrated as the Nativity Feast, 
the birth month of Mother Mary.
Blessed herbs, through which astral prototypes
the Beloved Lady has poured streams of healing 
force from her hands of light,
belong to this, her natal month.
These herbs possess the qualities to soothe 
and sustain tired and broken bodies.

For October, the month of Sacrifice,
is fashioned the Rosemary.
It typifies the Bridge of Remembrance
between the inner and the outer.

November, the stately Chrysanthemum reaches
the height of its beauty.
It lifts its proud and haughty head upward
toward the sky.

December - poinsettia.
This is the season in which red
and green are the principal colours used by
both nature and man.
It is here that we see the shining green
of the leaves and the lustrous red berries of the
holly proclaiming joyously that the season
of Christmas is now with us and it is at
this time that the Poinsettia lifts its smiling
face toward the sun as it declares that now is
the most holy season of the year,
the time of the birth of the 
Blessed Christ Child is now with us.

For more interesting fact, myth and lore
and maybe a deeper understanding of
our inner worlds and how it is created
in the image of the Divine,
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Mornings with Mary.

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  1. Absolutely STUNNING, Hettienne...hope your week holds many wonders! Happy Monday - XOXO

  2. Just beautiful Hettienne. Your words always move me.


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