Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday mornings with Mary

House of Gold

extracts from Mary Within Us
a Jungian perspective on the titles of Mary by David Richo

'I remained in the temple, enjoying the
ineffable pleasure of contemplating
the goddess' statue, because I was bound
to her by a debt of gratitude so large
that I could never fully repay her' - Apuleius

Mary is what we are : a temple of the divine.
In the title, House of Gold, we have two symbols, 
the house as a container and gold as
the supreme value of the Self.
The house of gold is the Self.
A house grants shelter so we again
encounter the conserving and containing aspect
of the female archetype.
It is comprised of the light of comforting safety
and the dark of numbing contentment.
There are always graces to help us integrate those two.

The Loreto shrine, the traditional house of Mary,
is like the Ark of the covenant,
the dwelling of the feminine aspect of God.
At sunset it is bathed in gold and so it is often
referred to as the golden house.

A custom in our past was to bronze the shoes in which a baby 
first walked.
Mary is the house of ego that has been
gilded because she walked the path from
ego to Self. 

By the invocation, House of Gold, we
commit ourselves to enter the mansion of
spiritual individuation.  
What happened to her, happens to us.
We make a series of choices and
surrenders that move us from cellar to attic
and then down to earth and out into the world
with treasures to share.
This passage will have suffering in it
and joy too.

In the fire of creation, gold does not vanish:
the fire brightens.
Each creature God made must live in its own nature;
how could I resist my nature, 
that lives for oneness with God - 
Mechtild of Magdeburg.

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  1. Your post adds to what I've recently read about our surrendering ourselves to God. I consider messages repeated like this one, from wherever they come, to be a personal message from God.

  2. She's a beauty, Hettienne. I'll be posting to Morning with Mary this week. Perhaps tomorrow. My regular posting, from now on, will be at


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