Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Sacred Heart Shrine - part two in Lourdes Pilgrimage


Does it make sense to you if I tell you that I am almost loathe to put my beautiful experiences into words?  Almost like when you had a magical dream and you do not want to limit it to mere words?  I find that words can never describe the unseen and the Mystery of it All.  I also know through very real and tough experience that phenomena of divine love comes and goes and that we spiritual travellers are not to become attached to those experiences.  So I quietly treasure them in my heart and I know that it is these mysteriously divine experiences that carry us through the tough times.  So therefore I share with great passion!  I am doing my best not to rush through the entire trip, but to give the vignettes to you in their deep colour and vibration that they came to me.

So from St Maximin we take the car and set out to explore.  We only have a few things in mind during this entire trip :  cathedrals, Divine Mary, Mary Magdalene, and flea markets for our artistic endeavours.  And flea markets was indeed a major component of this pilgrimage and the most wondrous divine synchronicities which none of us will ever forget - but that I am keeping for another posting.

At the local information office we found a poster about a Gypsy festival in the nearby village Rians.  Remember, we are in the land of the gypsies and on our way to the Gypsy festival in Saintes Maries along with 20 000 gypsies - so I suppose they have fairs and festivals all the way there!

Equipped with a GPS and a map of France we easily find Rians and a gypsy wedding in progress!  My one regret was that I only took my very small digital camera along so I have very few good photographs.

We took a stroll through the village and its gypsy fair and eventually found our way to a very very old cathedral perched high on the hill.  It was the Notre Dame de Nazareth dedicated to the Miracle of Fatima.

As I said previously, I had a 'wish list' in my mind - it was not a serious matter, but there were a few things that I had been hoping to experience and to find.  One of those was the Presence of the Sacred Heart as known by the devotee and apostle Saint Margaret Mary.  If you have been following this blog and you know my mystery school work, you will know that the Sacred Heart is at the core of all my visions and experiences with the divine.  A blogging friend and fellow Marian, The Woodwife (see her blog on my links) told me about  Saint Margaret Mary after she appeared to her in one of her dreams.  Something about this particular saint caught my attention and I went looking for some more information about her.  That is when I discovered that the Sacred Heart was first seen by her in a vision and it became her mission to bring its Presence and teaching into her religious tradition.

We walked into the very impressive cathedral.  You can see some of its dimensions in the photograph.  The afternoon light was streaming in through the windows and glinting off all the gold.  The church contained many shrines - all of them pertaining to me and my story specifically :  Padre Pio whom I have visited in 2000 - you can read the story on this blog and also on Shaman-She Who Knows, my other blog - and who has played a pivotal role in my development as spiritual healer;  Saint Anne, my mother and daughter's patron saint.  Yes, we adopted her as patron saint as we are not Roman Catholic!  and we all three share the name Anne.

And then as I turned to the right, there she was Saint Margaret Mary


Mary of the Sacred Heart

Images of the Divine carry enormous energy and Presence.  There are various ways of explaining it, but the ancients believed that the Spirit of that aspect of the Divine lives in Its image and form.  I have demonstrated the power and size of the auric field of sacred images to people who are not so sensitive to energy.  You can test the auric field by using a pendulum or kinesiology (muscle testing) to prove it to yourself.  

The Presence of the Sacred Heart was both visible and palpable to me - it was like the abundance of a fruit tree laden with fruit or the expanse of a lavender field.  The love of the Sacred Heart is infinite and expansive, like an ocean and we bathed in the soft lavender light of that church.  As we left, we walked almost straight into a cherry tree, covered with ripe luscious fruit!! 

Aaahh such is the ways of the Divine!  Never in either/or, but always in both and everything.  Nothing is excluded : not man-made images and statues, traditions or rebellions :  it all comes together in the Sacred Heart of the World.

A very blurry picture with the name of the Sacred Heart by her feet :