Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday mornings with Mary, the Sun

III High Morning : The Hour of Tierce

The sun burns in the blue sky like the face of God,
but we do not know
his countenance as terrible.
His light is diffused in the air and the 
light of God is
diffused by Hagia Sophia.

All the perfection of created things are also in God, and therefore He is
at once Father and Mother.
As Father He stands in solitary might
surrounded by darkness.

As Mother His shining is diffused, embracing all
His creatures with
merciful tenderness and light. 

The Diffuse Shining of God is Hagia Sophia. 
We call Her His 'glory'.
In Sophia
His power is experienced only as
mercy and love.

The feminine principle in the world is the
inexhaustible source of creative
realisations of the Father's glory.
She is His manifestation in radiant splendour!
But she remains unseen,
glimpsed only by a few.

Sometimes there are none who know Her at all.

IV Sunset. The Hour of Compline. Salve Regina

Now the Blessed Virgin Mary is the one created being
who enacts and shows forth in her life
all that is hidden in Sophia.
Because of this she can be said to be a personal
manifestation of Sophia,
Who in God is Ousia
rather than Person.

Extracted from Sophia by Thomas Merton (Maria Lodewicus)

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Have a blessed week.


  1. Ah, Hetienne, more Merton and Sophia and beautiful images as well. Thanks for your comment on last week's post. I did remember about SoulCollage and recall you are a facilitator now, but I had forgotten our Merton connection. That's what happens when the brain softens a bit in the aging process. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Lovely post Hetienne. I wont pretend to understand all of it because as you probably know I lack in the religion department, but I like the words, so I suppose that counts for something. Love the artistic shrine. Now that is something I do understand and it is awesome!

  3. The shrine is beautiful Hettienne.
    My love to you.

  4. I second what Judie wrote. I don't understand but find it lovely.

  5. well, I join Maggie and Judie in not understanding what was written because I'm not familiar with Sophia, what she embodies. but I do admire the beautiful shrine. the sweet serene face of the figure at the left leaves me breathless. it reminds me of the Child Jesus of Christ except he's usually robed in red.

  6. Hi Hetienne. Beauttiful shrine, very nice.

  7. dear hettienne,
    today was my day in the infusion center. i visit each and everyone of you many times during this long day. now that i am home i can let you know what a blessing you all are in my life. certainly each one of you has brightened my day. beautiful shrine, beautiful words, beautiful you.

  8. I suppose she is waiting...
    perhaps with mounting impatience
    for the world to realize
    that feminine energy,
    although soft and peaceful,
    can move mountains.
    Beautiful post♥♥♥

    1. So true Lisa - mercy and compassion are the true strengths- she who knows her vulnerability, stands in real strength rather than defensiveness!! Many are awakening to Her presence!

  9. I will continue to share extracts from Thomas Merton's Sophia and I have no doubt that it will become more clear as to the immensity of the meaning of Sophia

  10. Lovely shrine, Hettienne. Thomas Merton is a challenge to read best sipped and savored in small doses. Each phrase is a tiny meditation.


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