Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Mornings with Mary - the East Gate

Out of the silence Light is spoken.
We do not hear it or see it until it is spoken.

Now, the Wisdom of God, Sophia, comes forth, 
reaching from 'end to end'mightily.'

She wills to be also the unseen
pivot of all nature,
the center and significance
of all the light that is 
IN all and FOR all.

That which is poorest and humblest ,
that which is most hidden in all things
is nevertheless most obvious in them,
and quite manifest, for it is their own self
that stands before us, naked and without care.

These words are once again from the essay 'Sophia' by Thomas Merton.
I was first introduced to Thomas Merton by Fran Redondowriter's blog
and ever since I have been reading his writings and poetry non-stop.
His words carry so many layers and he was a man with a vision
of the feminine principle of the Divine and Her peace, mercy
and compassion which this world so lacks.

This shrine is the latest addition to my garden, and as you can
see I could nor stop taking pictures of Mary in the early morning light.
You can also see there is still lots of work to be done
around it.

First thing in the morning I sit outside in my garden, 
looking East and one morning as the light shimmered and danced,
I clearly saw the Light of Mary emanating from that shimmering light.
Instinctively my heart listened and my heart heard :
I Am the Light;
I am the Eastern Gate;
I Am the Dawn;
I am that hidden Love that transforms night into day.

I there and then decided to put up a shrine  in that corner
so that I can fill my eyes' gaze with her in the light
and remember the eternal promise of Love changes all.

It is autumn here and I have the most beautiful hawthorn in my
garden which just appeared one day.  Someone sent me the link
of the symbolic meaning of the hawthorn bush
and I was not surprised to read that this plant
has through the ages always been associated with
the presence and energy of the Blessed Mary.

A wonderful Monday Morning with Mary to you
and please visit Rebecca's offering
and other Mornings with Mary sharings
for inspiration with your first cup of the morning.



  1. Oh so beautiful. How wonderful to have the hawthorn bush in your garden. I love where you've placed your shrine. Thank you.

    1. Dear Gloria, thank you for visiting so regularly and always leaving a comment. I appreciate and love it!

    2. Dear Gloria, if you wonder why I no longer visit your blog, it is because I cannot access it, nor can I send a mail to your blogger profile. I remember that you had problems with spamming on your blog and that you were going to change your settings. If you get this message, please give me permission to visit your blog. blessings Hettienne

  2. Whew, your Mary in the garden is nothing short of spectacular as the dawn sun filters through the bushes. I love the hawthorn red against her whiteness. And thanks for mentioning me in relationship to Thomas Merton. I am so glad you love his work as I do.

  3. stunning light, such a rightful place for Mary! I keep learning about plants associated with Mary. thank you.

  4. Your spectacular photos tell the story without the words although the words are perfect for your statue. I too am envious of your statue. Such beauty in every light from every angle.

  5. Following your heart to place this shrine in dawns early light is most sacred. Blessings to you.

  6. Hettienne, this is absolutely the most beautiful, sacred, peaceful garden spot I have ever seen. I would love to be there each morning. It's an awesome place, and your camera work brings us right there with you.

  7. thank you for flooding my heart with the hope of sunrise and the warmth of enduring love.
    yes! i can see how this flooding of light spoke to you of mary and lead you to create this most sacred shrine. so glad you shared with us so we can join you there!


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