Monday, May 20, 2013

Mornings with Mary - 20 May 2013

She was a poor shepherdess,
growing up at the foothills of the Pyrenees
on the banks of the Gave du Pau
tending the very poor family's
small flock of sheep

When the most miraculous vision appeared to her
a vision of Light
with roses on Her feet

from this numinous event
flowed forth a stream of healing water,
a holy place was born

Bernadette's life was transformed
into one of passion,
commitment and a vocation to the highest Love

Bernadette's message : God is everywhere!

(an embroidered postcard)

A place where the fire was lit long ago
and the fire of your Soul
and Its unconditional love
is kept alive

A light for your feet

And such is the miracle within our own hearts
as She brings forth the waters of regeneration,
healing and wholeness,
teaching you that Love is everywhere

This is one of my most favourite shrines - it hangs
in my bedroom where I can look upon it every day.
I have shared this one previously in A Virgin a Day, so I hope you enjoy it a second time around.

It is a small folk shrine which I made from items I collected during my visit to Lourdes :  an embroidered holy card, a small collector's doll which I dressed up as Bernadette, a tiny statue of Our Lady of Lourdes, and a water colour sketch of the Cathedral of Lourdes.  To strengthen the feel and theme of the innocent child and childhood feelings, I used birthday cake candles to represent the massive votives that are kept burning at the grotto.

My visit to Lourdes changed the course of my life in so many ways - a virtual 180 degree change!  Next year I am leading a pilgrimage to the holy waters of Lourdes.

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 by Rebecca



  1. Your shrine touched my heart. I would like to go to Lourdes and be a volunteer to help. What a great thank you it would be for the health I and my family have been blessed with.

  2. The Bernadette story has ALWAYS been my favorite...
    Your shrine,
    and the thought of it hanging in your bedroom...
    we can all be nuns if we want to, can't we?
    Just not the Catholic sort:)
    Love you♥♥

  3. dear hettienne,
    i love your bernadette shine and remember it fondly from a virgin a day. i was not raised catholic and seeing the original black and white movie of bernadette as a very young girl changed me profoundly. i can still remember sitting in my families home on a saturday afternoon when this old film began. i was swept away, completely transfixed for the appearance of mary and the life of devotion that bernadette choose.
    lovely shrine, from a loving heart.

  4. Bernadette is my Confirmation name. I admired her faith, no matter what was done to her. Your shrine is so lovely with meaningful parts of your journey to Lourdes.
    Every day during my prayer time, I gaze upon Mary in her beautiful shrine! Thank you!

  5. i have heard your comment from all i know who have visited Lourdes, i have traversed much of Europe but not yet made it to Lourdes.. one day!


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