Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day Eight of Twelve Days with Mary

Pictures taken today in the Mary shrine in the garden of my studio

Today is 8 December and the
Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary

I found this very interesting conversation on the Internet
by Eric Bugyis published in the Commonweal Magaize online
I share a small extract, but here is the link

Philosophical Reflections on the Immaculate Conception

This past week, I had lunch with one of my Philosophy professors, Karsten Harries, who does not self-identify as a Christian, but given his specialization in nineteenth and twentieth century German thought, is quite familiar with the tradition. Our conversation veered onto the topic of the Immaculate Conception, and he suggested that this Marian doctrine represented a curious celebration of the divinity of nature, more generally, and an elevation of the feminine, in particular, that challenged the patriarchal theology of the Church. By insisting on Mary's sinless state, he suggested, the Church recognized a Trinitarian divinization of Mary as the Mother, Daughter, and Bride of the Godhead, thereby placing Mary, a human, above one of the divine persons and on an equal footing with the other two. Indeed, he pointed out, there were icons of the Virgin that portrayed her as housing all three members of the Trinity in her womb in churches throughout Bavaria, an area whose church architecture Harries has written on extensively. (This is an image that is also repeated in the writings of female mystics like Frauenlob). 

The theological dissonance between the doctrine we affirm this December 8 and the ecclesial practice currently barring women who may be called, like Mary, to (re)conceive and give new birth to the Word of God made flesh among us should be both felt and mourned as we remember and give thanks for that first woman who said, "Yes."

Here is the link for the
Twelve Days of Mary Pilgrimage
hosted by Rebecca


  1. Very beautiful and Holy. So nice to know that the whole world is not frozen and gray today...
    thank you for the link :)
    ♥((Hettienne)) ♥

  2. "Mary conceived without sin Pray for us who have recourse to thee"

    have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  3. She is wondrously beautiful.....and the flowers....Wow!
    Thank you for sharing this.


  4. Although I am not Catholic, I am taken by the beauty of Mary no matter which image I find. I also think it is beautiful the way people dress her image in flowers, and beads, and crosses, and hearts and all manner of trinkets. Lovely.

    There is a documentary starting on public tv and the previews are saying Mary was not a virgin and that Jesus has brothers, etc. etc. I guess they intend to prove it through science, or at least make one wonder. No matter. Mary's followers will never change. Even myself, the non-religious follower. Her image, and thoughts of her, please my soul.

    1. Dear Judie
      I am not Catholic either - in fact I am an eclectic mix of many thoughts and beliefs. Science has its role in the world, but Mary is an archetype that so many identifies with, whether she is called Isis, Maria, Sophia or any of the goddesses - the feminine essence of Mary is always present.

    2. Exactly, Judie. Mary is the Mother. Her presentation as sinless and one to all sets her above us as a model to strive for. Anything less (not a virgin, has brothers, etc), diminishes the idea of who she is and what she represents.

  5. I am always amazed at the connection that so many have with Mary-whether they are Catholics or not. The connection to a maternal image and being the 'ultimate' mother and most especially the GRACE that she had within her is what I believe to be universally appealing.
    I admit, I am a bit envious of this statue that you have in your garden! She is absolutely lovely.

  6. The guardian of your garden and your garden, itself, are a delight.

  7. I love Mary in your garden studio. She is beautiful and kept very warm. thank you.

  8. I wrote a wonderful post, I thought, and it disappeared into cyberspace. I love your beautifully adorned garden Mary. I'm very impressed with your link as well because I am a non-traditional Christian. I'll always be a Catholic on some level but I feel more comfortable these days practicing my Christianity in a more inclusive church. I go to a small Episcopal church just down the street from my house. Religion must have doctrines, I guess, but I'm one of those cafeteria Christians I fear who sees Jesus/God/Trinity in everything -- and I adore the image of the trinity in the womb of Mary. She isn't called Sophia for no reason.

  9. Beautiful photographs! The glowing, bright colors combined with the wonderful serenity of Mary in your garden kept drawing my eyes back to look again...and again.

  10. Your garden is a place of wonder and contemplation!


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