Monday, January 30, 2012

Postcards from Paradise

For Rebecca's Postcards from Paradise I am offering my Soul Song :

Gypsy Woman.

Powerful voice of rebellion
fiery gypsy woman
creatrix of a new harmony
breaking down the ancient wall of Jericho.

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  1. dear hettienne,

    i am just regaining my strength and find your powerful gypsy is a great flame of inspiration! i love your idea for soul collage, the name soul songs completely beautiful! hope to join you as i return to the stream of living.
    i love too your invitation to honor our lady of lourdes. you are brimming with love and adoration.

    i thought about you so many times while in san miguel. a woman, 83, flew all the way from Australia and cannot wait to return when we meet again next year. keep your eye on the flights..ours dropped by hundreds when they added a new flight!

    just knowing that it would fill your heart in inexplicable ways....and of course being where you are on the path of divine love, you are always in the perfect sacred place, in the perfect sacred moment.

    you are such a font of love. thank you for your light and love.


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