Monday, February 5, 2018

Day Three of the Art Novena of Lady of Lourdes

Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck
The young girl Mary with spindle

The Young Girl

In the fairy tale, the ancient faith survived -
          Kurt Seligmann

In many a fairy tale the protagonist is a young girl.
Think of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rumpelstilskin and
Snow White.  Sometimes she is a princess and at
other times she is a poor servant girl.  But the focus
in the fairy tale is always on the young girl, the mother and
step mother and the fairy godmother or the thirteenth fairy
or some interaction with a supernatural Blessing Lady.

The miraculous story of Lourdes is as much about
Bernadette Soubirous as it is about the Lady and the gift
of the healing waters.
The young Bernadette is the daughter of a poor family.

As in the Handless Maiden, Bernadette is the daughter
of a miller

The Miller's Daughter in the Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck

We do not know that much about her parents
 but we know that she spends her
time in the forest
collecting wood for kindling the fire.
Her story shares these elements of the fairy tale
with Cinderella, the Young Goose girl and Hansel and Gretel
as you can see.

Bernadette also looks after the family's few sheep,  She
is a shepherdess of a tiny flock of sheep, similar to the
tradition of the  Divine Feminine and Blessed Mary
as the Divine Shepherdess of the Earth and
her creatures.

La Divina Pastora - the Divine Shepherdess

The young girl Bernadette grew up poor
and almost destitute.  She lived in an old broken down
room of what used to be a prison, in squalor. 
She had to scavenge for food on the 
rubbish heap of the village.  

In ordinary time Bernadette was poor, she had no status and she
was a girl in the ashes, scavenging to help keep her family
alive and warm.

The Holy Servant and Handmaiden shrine from the
Mysteries of Mary tarot deck
VIII of Roses (pentacles)
The fairy tale of Cinderella

Novena for day three :
Holy servant and handmaiden are ancient titles for
holy ones or Light Bringers.  In the esoteric
Christian Bride chamber mysteries, the holy servant
is the bride of the Christ.  
Today, in my heart I declare I am Thy Handmaiden,
o Blessed Mother of the World.
I look upon the ordinary tasks of this world as the work
which will open my eyes to the wonders behind the veil.

Amulets of Mary, Lady of Lourdes
at The French Madonna at

be blessed

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