Tuesday, November 10, 2015

a pink Christmas

Inspired by my beautiful pink roses in
my Mary garden,
I have been creating everything pink 
these days and now we will be
having a pink Christmas!!

I just love these vintage pictures of guardian
angels and these inspired me to make
these very pretty pink shrines

This one has a gorgeous hand embroidered
post card of the Guardian Angel in the background
The little girl is walking across an angel wing with
the Queen of Angels watching over her!

This little one is walking into a hedge of roses!

Queen of the Heart of the Rose

The treasure at the heart of the rose
Is your own heart's treasure,
Scatter it as the rose does:
Your pain becomes hers to measure.

Mary is the hidden force and secret of Christianity,
and until her force - the force of the Divine Mother -
is revealed and uncovered in the Christian story,
its whole truth cannot be present.


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