Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Art Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes

Divine Mother the Rose
SoulCollage (R) Card by Hettienne

“She is the Queen of spiritual flowers; 
and therefore, is called the Rose,
 for the rose is called of all flowers the most beautiful.
 But, moreover, she is the Mystical or Hidden Rose,
 for mystical means hidden.”

- Cardinal Newman 1808-1890

A blessed 2015 to you. 
May your North Star shine brightly
on every step of your way!

A reminder of the novena for
Our Lady of Lourdes
that will be running from
Monday 2 February to Wednesday 11 February 2015.
I will put up Mr Linky and you are welcome
to join in even if it is only for one day.

So the novena will be starting on
Candlemas AND Bridgid's Feast Day!!!

AND .....

And this year it is going to be a very special
Art Novena. 
Mary Beben of the website
Biodynamic Spirituality
and the author of the book
The Pleidian House of Initiation
and myself
are doing a joint Novena!!
So you are promised a feast for Our Lady.


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