Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday with Mary - Mary of the Blue Apples

Our Lady of the Blue Apples

In the region of Languedoc and Rennes in France,
 legends and myths prevail.
Religion, culture and stories are intertwined almost
In this Cathar region there are many hints and clues
to the true story behind the story.
These include the region and castle known as
the 'Blue Apples', references to the Holy Grail,
buried gold and devotion to the Blessed Virgin and
to Mary Magdalene.

This is the grail watermark of the Merovingian kings of the Rennes
said to be fruit of the vine or the royal bloodline of Mary Magdalene.
Merovingian grail watermark

The Priory of Sion was tied with the Knights Templar and claims of the Merovingian kings to be descendents of the Davidic bloodline through the lineage of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. Many of the Parisian elite belonged to this secret society, including the French music composer Claude Debussy, listed as Grand Master of the Priory of Sion. 

I visited this region two years ago and was
fascinated by all the lore and created a tiny altar
for Our Lady of the Blue Apples.

The tiny statue is the Vierge Noire de Paris or Notre Dame as the French refer
to her.  I bought this statue in the Latin Quarter in Paris.
Archangel Michael is regarded as the Great Protector by the Knights
Templar.  You can see the black and white chequered floor - traditional
of the Knights Templar's masonic temples.
Of course you cannot miss the tiny blue 'apples' or grapes in the holy grail.

A wonderful Mary week to you!


  1. Hi Hettienne. Hope you are doing well. That is a beautiful shrine for beautiful Mary. Thank you, I loved it.

    and fascinating....this is my favorite shrine~ever!
    the statue, the treasure box, the holy grail...the mystical
    and the holy...together as was always intended.
    PS: I would LOVE to link with you for monday mornings with Mary
    or whatever morning you choose.

  3. This is beautiful Hettienne...I posted some photos on my blog this morning, from Santa Fe, New Mexico, of the El Santuaria de Guadalupe Church, and the beautiful statute of the Virgin of Guadalupe, out front. Hope your week is wonderful - Tanya

  4. Beautiful :) Thank you for sharing x


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