Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Hallowed Eve

Divine Healer - Soulcollage card by Hettienne

All Hallow's Eve
All Saints Day Eve
Dia de los Muertos

Many celebrations over the period of
31 October and 1 November every year.
When you Google these holy, hallowed, days, 
you find many discussions about
how they are related or not.

Either way, you cannot miss the fact
that in the Northern Hemisphere,
people are preparing for the end of Autumn
and the start of Winter;
a transition time honouring departed souls
and the lives of those who have gone before us,
be they saints, sages or ancestors.

Here, in the Southern Hemisphere,
we are into spring and on the wheel of the year
it is Beltane, halfway between the Spring Equinox
and the Summer Solstice.

Outside it is a lovely, chilly rainy day. 
My hawthorn is not flowering yet, so spring
has not officially arrived.

Any time of transitioning is fraught with thoughts of the unknown.

This is my offering to us as we transition from the one realm
to the other :  the Spirit of the Divine Healer within.
She transforms all fearful thoughts into beautiful
roses of love.

Om Shanty, Shalom, Peace, Hettienne

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  1. That is a beautiful offering Hettienne, as well as an awesome card. Your work is always divine. Thank you. Have a great rest of the week.


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