Monday, April 15, 2013

Mornings with Mary

Oh Maria Sophia,
Let reason laugh
so very much at my simplicity
even more will I sing
about the object of my love

Oh Maria Sophia my Strength
O She is my Heroine,
And everything that I need.
And without Her know I
myself to be unprepared for battle ....

Be Thou mine. Thou Heroine, Thou,
God's pure Life.
Let me be suspended unharmed
in peace that is assured.
Hold me tightly to You.
Protect me with your cloak!
And when the enemy's power mounts,
So fight and be victorious in me!

by Gottfried Arnold from Sophia-Maria by Thomas Schipflinger

Painting of Maria Sophia in acrylic on canvas by Hettienne

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  1. I am in awe of your talent, Hettienne. This is a truly beautiful painting and brings honour to Mary.

  2. dear Hettienne, So nice to see you this morning. Thank you for sharing Mary's love in such a beautiful way. My love to you.

  3. Dear Hettienne,
    Your art work is gorgeous and filled with joy. I am so loving our mornings with mary. Every other monday is my infusion day and I am so comforted and uplifted as each of you arrive with your soulful offerings. Truly you all brighten my day.

  4. Awesomely beautiful, Hetienne. Love the colors, love the simplicity of the painting. It speaks volumes.

  5. I love your painting Hettienne!
    And I always enjoy reading something
    new to me...beautiful choice of song♥


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