Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day Eleven of Sharing Mary

At St Mary's Cathedral in Bangalore,
Mary  is dressed in a sari.  

so so beautiful!

St Mary's Feast is held during September
and it is a festival that lasts
ten days.

From Samson's Photoblog - St Mary's Cathedral Bangalore India
Each day her sari is changed.

so beautiful!!

Mary in India

Mary in an Indian saree

my absolute favourite!

Banglore India

Pictures from http://anthony-samson.blogspot.com - Mary Novena in Bangalore - Mary draped in Indian Saree - so beautiful

red and white

With thanks to Samson's Photoblog

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for a feast of Mary



  1. What beautiful pictures! I can imagine that the fragrance within the church with flowers and incense and maybe even the fabulous perfume oils from India was intoxicating.

  2. She is a beauty, so fascinating that her sari is changed daily, amazing where she is found!

  3. Holy cows! That is amazing-and the flowers that change daily too is something to behold as is Mary.

  4. I just came from visiting a Mary with a menorah, and now she is in a sari. All these wonderful Marys. She is definitely everywhere.

  5. I love seeing the way various cultures depict Mary and this is entirely new to me. How wonderful that they celebrate so colourfully and for so long!

  6. Thank you so much for introducing me to a cultural expression of Mary I have never come across. She totally owns that sari! :D Wonderful post.

  7. So beautiful and what a blast of colour....she is really special!
    Thank you,

  8. It's so interesting watching the many faces of Mary and how she is seen all over the world. These are beautiful photos. Thank you.

  9. I love these photos by your friend who shows her and the baby dressed anew each day. That is quite a labor of love of the people who do that.

  10. Since blue is my favorite color, I'm partial to Mary of the Blue Sari!

  11. What a beautiful tradition it is to change Mary's sari each day! In Mexico, I'm familiar with the attention and care given to dressing the Madonnas for holy days...but not EVERY DAY! Lovely!

  12. lovely in all shades,
    that's our mary!!


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