Sunday, December 2, 2018

Twelve days with Mary Day 1 2018

Our Lady’s day in harvest time

The blue mantle hangs useless from the peg
Dust and darkness dim the window
Stale air presses heavy on the land
Summertime - and yet we are cold

No passion in the empty house
No laughter in the shabby garden
No rapture in the frigid heart

Long gone she who used to wear the sky - 
Bright Brigid, sweet Astarte, gentle Net;
Long gone, too, bewitching teenage peasant
Who bore the world anew

Worthless the mantle and brown her garden
For whom the whole world once sang
‘Dei Mater Alma’

The generous belly, the breast soft and watm
The merry eye, the tender hand - all long, long gone

Where gone Madonna and how long?
Alive? Well, in what galaxy?
And we orphans, chilled and alone
Among the rotten roses

The wind shifts
the mantle lifts
white fingers on blue cloth
flashing brown eyes in the sudden sunlight
a smile explodes against the gloom
Laetare Alleluja!!

                  Andrew M Greeley

I amso happy to be here for another
Twelve Days of Mary Love
and to share my devotion to the
Blessed Woman in all her aspects with you

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