Friday, December 2, 2016

Day Two of Twelve Days of Mary

Hierophant of the Mysteries
Mysteries of Mary Tarot 

Truth did not come into the world naked, but veiled with images
and archetypes, otherwise it cannot be received - Logion 67, The Gospel of Philip

The Path of Love is Within Oneself;
with Mary as Divine Shepherdess
of the inner flock

The previous two years I shared my process of making shrines
and this year I share with you, with love,
the Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck.  They have now been published as a
tarot deck and companion book.

Each card is a shrine dedicated to an archetype,
an initiation, a Mystery in the Great Mystery and a vignette
of one of the stories woven into the tapestry of the story of Mary.
When you read them together, one after the other, laid out in a sacred
dance of meaning and insight, they become a garland of roses,
a rosary of cards, creating a Rose Garden to the Mother of Love.

Join up with Rebecca at Recuerda mi Corazon
for her annual twelve days of celebrating Mary Mother Love



  1. dearest hettienne,
    your labor of love is a divine gift-and the light of your mary love is brighter each time it is shared! thank you for creating a way for everyone to hold such an offering of love in their very hands!

  2. This is absolutely lovely Hettienne.

  3. Thanks for finding me yesterday in my Mr. Linky confusion. Your tarot deck offering today is so very beautiful. I don't use tarot myself, but I'm going to click around on your site and so if I can find out more about it.

  4. I am enchanted with these cards and shrines Hettienne. They are beautiful, as is your haiku. A path I strive to follow each and every day...


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